About Me

Welcome to my life!  Don't mind the clutter and insanity!

I am a thirty(something) who is lucky to be married to a wonderful man who puts up with my crazy whims and even loves me for them. I am a mother of 5 whose kids include 2 gorgeous daughters (yup, I am bragging now) and 3 snuggly furbabies ( yup, my dogs are my kids too!).  Here are some fun things about me:

  • I love having "me" time.  Selfish?  Maybe but I believe being ME makes me a better mom and wife.  Ask my hubby and kids.  They will actually agree!
  • I kiss my kids before going to bed at night, be it 8 pm or 3 am.  I MUST give my kids a good snuggle, and "I love you" before going to bed.  It is almost obsessive.
  • My first baby was my Labrador retriever, Cooper.  He will always be my first baby and I am proud to be a furbaby mom.  <3
  • I am a self proclaimed geek and I love all things nerdy.  Joss Whedon is an amazing man.  David Tennant is my favorite Doctor.  I attend Comic Con, in costume no less.  Enough said.
  •  Hubby:  This poor man has been with me since 2000, except for the six months I told him he was a waste of my cellphone minutes.  Thank God I was wrong and was smart enough to realize it.  This man puts up with my crap constantly and even encourages it, in certain occasions.
  •  Biggest:  This lovely lady joined our family in 2007.  She is spunky, dramatic and a joy to be around.  Biggest is also the rising fashionista in the family.
  •  Littlest:  This lady joined us in 2009, and she made her presence known!  You know that kid your parents threaten you will be just like you?  Well, this was mine.  And I love every inch of her. 
  • Cooper:  Laborador retreiver.  Born in 2001.  Loves to play, get belly rubs, go for rides and eat poop.
  • Louis:  English Springer Spaniel.  Born 2002.  Love to be crabby and get his butt scrubbed.  Seriously.
  • Ruby:  Akita/Shepherd Mix (we think).  Born 2010.  Rescued 2010.  Loves to be a mama's girl, get belly rubs and generally be the center of attention.  

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  1. Just found your blog......super cute! Just started a blog myself! check it out
    fashionwithfour.blogspot.com Hope you like!! :) Libby