Thursday, March 28, 2013

True Confessions.

Tonight, as I was sipping wine, I was reflecting on a few things.  We all have secrets or little know facts about ourselves.  We rarely divulge them.  I thought tonight, fueled by a glass of wine, I would share some of mine.

  • Confession #1 – This is starting with a big one.  Super embarrassing.  I used to pick my nose when I was little and wipe it on the wall next to my bed.  My mom would make me use a brillo pad to clean the wall occasionally.  GROSS!  At least I know I didn’t eat them….
  • Confession #2 – I had more than one glass of wine before writing this post.  answer
  • Confession #3 – I have sent my kids to bed early, not because they were being naughty, just because they were driving me crazy or I was crabby.  To be honest, I would have went to bed early myself but apparently that is not allowed.
  • Confession #4 – I once bought a pair of shoes from a very large retailer, wore them twice, decided I didn’t like them and then returned them, stating they were uncomfortable.  In my defense, I ended up simply returning the one pair but buying two more.  Yes, I know this is bad.  I only did it once.  I still feel guilty.
  • Confession #5 – I cheated on my high school boyfriend once.  Again, in my defense, he cheated on me first.  More than once. 
  • Confession #6 – Sometimes I think my husband is a better parent than I am.  He is more fun.  I am more business.
  • Confession #7 – Sometimes I don’t like shopping.  Since I get to do it all day long with other people, I don’t always feel like doing it for myself.  Or Hubby.  Or the kidlets.
  • Confession #8 – I pray Hubby never learns to like premium denim, so I do not have to cut my own denim budget to buy him expensive jeans.  Same for Biggest and Littlest.  
  • Confession #9 – When Hubby and the kidlets are out of town, I don’t want to go out much.  I just want to go home and sit in silence.  With wine.  Alone.  So dreamy. alonetime
  • Confession #10 – I don’t always think the customer is right.  Sometimes the customer is wrong.  I know this from experience.  (See confession #4)
  • Confession #11 – On my days off, I often skip doing my hair and putting on makeup.  I almost always manage to shower or take a bath though. 
  • Confession #12 – On my 16th birthday, I learned why you should not drink underage.  Especially the bulk of a bottle of Malibu rum, straight.  Sorry, Mom.  I didn’t really go to see “The Three Musketeers” after leaving the store Christmas party.  I still can’t drink that stuff, almost 20 years later.
  • Confession #13 – I used to let the dogs sneak up on the couch with me when Hubby was gone.  Then I realized he let them do it when I was home.  What the hell?
  • Confession #14 – For the past couple of years I have attended Comic Con.  I even dress up in costume.  I look cool.  (SJ&YP note:  Yup, that is me as Jem from Jem and the Holograms) jem
  • Confession #15 -  I am a member of a book club called the Book Fluffers.  Yup.  I said it.  The Book Fluffers.  Surprisingly, we actually read the books we pick.  Well, the other members do.  I usually read the book a month or two later.  However, I still find ways to add to the discussion at the meetings.
  • Confession #16 – When I was younger, I would put Miracle Whip on bread and call it a sandwich.  Um..yeah.
  • Confession #17 – I could post more but a girl needs a few secrets.  And I have not had that much wine.
  • Confession #18 – I wish I had more votes on Top Mommy Blogs.  It would make me feel popular.  Clicking on the image below or at the right would do it.  Please?  Pretty please????
  • Confession #19 – I have had that much wine.  I just understand moderation as it pertains to the internet, not to the wine.


Monday, March 25, 2013

When Did It Change?

change1 The other day, my niece and nephew showed me their letters to the Easter Bunny, asking for a list of specific toys.  At first I thought it was strange, then I saw two letters my own child, Biggest, had written.  She was asking the Easter Bunny to  bring her a Monster High Doll and to poop (spelled p-u-p-e) out some jelly beans for her.  Uh…what?  Since when does the Easter Bunny take requests like Santa Claus?  Also, I think someone has watched Hop one too many times….

Now Biggest has her first loose tooth and I am starting to wonder, how much is this going to cost me?  What is the going rate on teeth?  I have heard everything from a dollar to a twenty.  That kid has a lot of teeth.  So does Littlest.  Do I need to shell out this money with each tooth lost?  Is there a scale based on what tooth it is?  What happens if we can’t find said tooth and put it under the pillow.  Does that still count as a payout? 

change Now I am not saying my kids, or niece and nephew are greedy.  But I am saying that I am starting to go crazy with all the gifts and things which are expected to to be bought for  or given to my kidlets.  When I grew up, the Easter Bunny brought candy and maybe one toy. It was usually a Barbie (my favorite was the Twirly Curls Barbie). The tooth fairy brought a quarter, maybe a dollar. Santa brought small presents (batteries, earring backs, shampoo, etc) and my parents brought the bigger gifts. So what has happened to these traditions?  Is this what I am going to have to turn in to in order to please my kids?

My kids do not need all that stuff.  It is not my responsibility to buy gifts for each and every holiday, or random day of the week, that rolls around.  I love my kidlets but enough is enough.  My love for them is not measured in dollars, nor should it be.  If this continues, I will be handing out five dollar bills on Lincoln’s birthday, and giving out awards for getting to the bus on time.  No way in hell.  I am not raising kidlets like that. 

We are going back to the old school ways.  One small gift will be in the Easter Basket (to avoid all the sugar rush, which will most likely be eaten by me and Hubby).  Small presents haven been and will continue to be given by Santa, unless a small request is asked of Santa (something reasonable to keep the belief alive).  The Tooth Fairy leaves a dollar.  Period.  If you are lucky, I will get all Pinterest-y and spray it with glitter to make it fancy.

If not, we may start with this:

And end up with this:


God help us all.



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Thursday, March 21, 2013

They Are Not Pants.


OK, I think it is time to share a truth with you.  Tights are not pants.  I know, this may come as a shock to some people but it is time I spoke up.  I repeat.  Tights are not pants.  I don’t care how many times you have seen them worn as pants at…oh I don’t know…..we will just say Wal-Mart.   I don’t care if you have the body of a super model.  Tights are not pants.tights2

Yes, I know there is a growing trend to wear short shirts with tights.  But think about this, super sprayed, ratted up hair was a trend at one point two.  Doesn’t make it right, now does it?  Yes, sixteen year olds everywhere are trying to rock this look.  Again, think about this, what did YOU wear when you were sixteen?  Any regrets?

I am sure the question in your head is now “What about leggings?  Are they pants?”  Kind of, but not really.  They are sort of pants but with many restrictions.   But I consider them more of a tight without feet. 


Understandably, some of you are cheering at this announcement having known all along.  Others might be feeling some distress.  So how can you rock tights and leggings?  What are the suggestions to do so?  Here are a few guidelines to help you out.

  • Cover it up.  You know what “it” is.  Cover those lady bits (as they are called in my house) and the tushie.  No one wants to see that, no matter how bangin’ your body is.  Wear a top or a layering tank that comes below your lady bits and tushie.
  • Buy quality.  If you can see through your leggings they don’t fit or are too thin.  If you can see through your tights, they are not tights.  They are panty hose.  Panty hose are not pants either.  Also, if you can see through your bottoms, definitely refer back to the previous guideline.
  • Wear the right shoes.  If you can go to the gym in the shoes you want to wear, they do not go with tights or leggings.  Stick to flats, boots or, heels.  If the name “Nike” is on your shoe, it is more likely a good fit for your yoga pants or wind pants.

So there you have it, the big secret.  Tights are not pants.  Now, please, go spread the word to others.




Monday, March 18, 2013

I Don’t Want to Go to School Today.

At some point in time, every mom hears the phrase, “I don’t want to go to school today.”  Surprisingly, I almost never hear it from Biggest but I hear it constantly from Littlest.  It is mostly screamed at me on Monday mornings, especially after a weekend where we have had a lot of fun or craziness.  I love that she wants to keep spending time with her family and friends.  I really do.  However, we can’t do it every day.  She has school, Biggest has school, Mom and Dad have work.

This morning was no different.  Having spent the past three days out of town visiting friends, both kidlets were completely unconscious when I went into their room this morning.  Littlest gave me a sweet little hug and then started to cry.  I knew where this was going.  Our 30 minute tantrum of not wanting to go to school had begun.  It was super fun.  In order to give Hubby a break, since he was driving her to school (aka daycare), I got her dressed and fed.  The whole time I tried to convince her that school is fun.  school

SJ&YP:  Why don’t you want to go to school?

Littlest:  Because it is boring.

SJ&YP:  What do you want to do instead?  Mom and Dad have to go to work today. 

Littlest:  I want to stay in my bed all day.

SJ&YP:  Wouldn’t that be boring?  What if you got hungry?

Littlest:  I don’t care.

*sigh*  There is no rationalizing with a four year old.  I should know better. 

Biggest even tried to help out.  She approached it by trying to bond with Littlest.  Biggest explained how she doesn’t like everything at school.  Apparently, she finds getting dressed for recess and math boring but she still deigns to go every day.  Gee, thanks.  I appreciate your dedication, Biggest. 

Honestly, I don’t know why she wouldn’t want to go.  I would go to school!  She gets to color, do art projects, play outside, sing songs, have snack, take a nap, etc.  Seriously, what is not to like?  I know a million moms who would love to make that their day.  I do believe whoever said youth is wasted on the young was right on. 

Looks like Hubby and I have some good times ahead of us for the next 14 years.  Yay.




Thursday, March 14, 2013

Get in My Closet

boring Since I started at the new store over two months ago, I have hardly bought anything.  I think my new co-workers believe I am crazy or have amazing self control.  Quite the opposite in fact.  I have no self control.  What I have is a husband with amazing SJ&YP spending control.  For the past couple of months, I have been put on a spending “hiatus.”  It sucks.  I am dying.  No, Hubby did not physically take my credit card(s) from me.  Yes, Hubby is right, we need to pay off a few bills.  However, I need some new closet inspiration.  I have been finding my current closet boring.  It is my job to be a brand ambassador, so I need to shop!

You know what doesn’t help this overwhelming urge to shop?  Trying on clothes constantly to see how they fit.  Guess what?  When they fit good, it is hard not to whip out the Visa.  Again, it sucks.  I keep hoping that if I am good, I will be rewarded for my good behavior.  Now, you may be asking yourself, “Is it really that bad?”  My answer to you is, YES!  Do you know what it is like to be surrounded by adorable, trendy clothing that other people get to buy but you can’t?  It feels wrong.  I want to wear the spring styles too….

Lately, I have taken to compiling a list of items entitled “Get in My Closet.”  This helps me to be prepared for the moment Hubby says “Honey, go buy yourself something pretty.  You deserve it.”  Actually, it will sound more like, “Honey, while I don’t agree that you used the check card for evil, at least you kept it under $XXXXXX (insert your own dollar amount).”  I thought sharing some of the things I love might inspire Hubby (since he claims to read my blog).  So here are a few of the outfits I would like to get in my closet.  Hopefully, my Hubby will let me utilize my discount in the near future. 


OK, I love this dress, even if it is a little like walking with a rubber band around your legs.  It made me feel skinny and kind of sexy.  And the denim jacket was so soft and stretchy.  YUM!  I can totally imagine wearing this out for drinks or date night.

Dress:  Kersh

Denim Jacket:  AG

Necklaces: Zad and Indio Kate

Shoes:  Dolce Vita


Nothing I like better than a pair of slouchy pants and a T-shirt.  This outfit took it a step further and made me feel more pulled together for running around, very mom-friendly!  Plus, I got to multi-purpose the denim jacket.  See Hubby?  I do know how to save money…kind of….

Jacket:  AG

T-shirt:  Allen Allen

Pants:  XCVI

Necklace:  Chateau Belle

Earrings: Indio Kate

Bracelets:  Indio Kate and Rue de Nicollet



Naturally, I needed to have an outfit which includes my signature look, skinny jeans.  Since I have been feeling spring-y, I had to pull out some bright colors for this outfit.  I am loving the neon green in the top and the flowy bottom helps hide the abdominal damage caused by two C-sections and years of laziness.

Shirt:  Acrobat

Tank:  Kennedy

Scarf: Thirty Nine 42

Jeans:  AG

Boots:  Mia Girl


I have been loving the new mesh look I have been seeing all over for spring, especially paired with a striped tank showing underneath.  If you peek at the mirror behind me, you will see the stripes really show through the back of the tank.  I tried to take a picture from behind to show it but that turned out to be bad idea.  Trust me. 

Shirt;  Heather B

Tank:  Kersh

Necklaces: Zad



Dang.  I did not want to take this sweater off the first time I tried it on.  It was even harder the second time.  It was sheer, soft, and comfortable.  Absolute LOVE!  I just want to but it and put a sequined tank underneath for some extra sparkle…but I would still rock the cowboy boots.

Sweater:  Kerisma

Tank:  Kennedy

Bracelets: Indio Kate and Rue de Nicollet

Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Uniform.

The other day at work, the topic of uniforms came up.  Now, I am not talking about uniforms worn at work or for sports or anything so structured like that.  The uniform we were discussing was the one that we all put on when we get home.  Yes, at work all day long me and my pals are stylish and put together (well, most of the time).  We don makeup, jewelry, skinny jeans and cute shoes.  But when we get home that all changes.  We put on the uniform, which is the comfiest clothes we can find to lounge away our days or nights at home in.  pajamas

For me, the uniform is one of three things.  I am either in my PJ Salvage heart pajamas I got for Christmas this year, the Restoration Hardware robe I got last year for Christmas or my PJ Salvage pajama pants I bought last fall with an old oversized Old Navy chambray shirt stolen from a high school buddy of mine (which my mother in law just spent God knows how much time repairing holes in).  Sounds sexy and stylish, doesn’t it?  I know it is not always the most attractive for poor Hubby, but he does get to see me all gussied up quite a bit. Plus, when I get home from work, my hair and makeup is already done, so at least I have that going for him.

pjsalvage bathrobe Now don’t get me wrong. My normal clothes are perfectly comfortable. Contrary to popular belief, skinny jeans and other fashionable items can be worn around the home without any issues.  Seriously.  I am telling the truth.  It is just happens that after wearing anything around long enough,  sometimes a change of clothes feels good. 

walmartAs much as I love my uniform, I don’t advocate dressing in your uniform for jaunts out in public.  Please do not do this.  This is how the website People of Wal-Mart probably got started.  Besides, you know that the second you leave your house looking like you just rolled out of bed, you will run into the one person in the world you don’t want to see, and he or she will look amazing.  I will even admit, I ran to Target tonight in my uniform.  To add to  a little extra something to the outfit, I was still wearing my makeup from yesterday and a stocking cap to cover up my crazy hair.  I have never navigated Target so fast in my life.  Truthfully,  I am shocked (and feeling extremely lucky) I didn’t run into anyone I know, because I almost always do. 

So next time you slip into your uniform on a lazy Sunday or at the end of a long work day, just know you are not alone.  I am right there with you.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Put Yourself on the Schedule.

spaday1 Now that I have taken back the bathroom from the kidlets, I feel as though my sanctuary is once again my own.  I try to keep it stocked with scented candles, my favorite Blissful Bath products, and wine.  Well, I try to keep the kitchen area stocked with the wine.  It looks weird in my bathroom.  I have been diligently using the face mask/moisturizer/eye cream/etc samples that my loving cousin has been floating my way.  I am finally getting relaxed, right?  Wrong.  I have been making steps in the right direction but the utter bliss and relaxation that comes from being truly pampered is still eluding me. 

For Christmas, Hubby gave me a big, fatty gift certificate for a local spa.  Guess what?  It has been sitting on my dresser ever since.  You would think it was jury duty and not a day of pampering.  I am having a hard time pulling the trigger to schedule it.  I don’t know if it is sheer laziness over making the appointment, indecisiveness over what I want to do that day or sadness that it might be the only day of pampering I have for awhile so I don’t want it to be over yet. 

Ironically, my blog is about balance.  Finding time to be me while still being mom.  By having a hard time accomplishing the goal of getting myself to the spa for some pampering which is already paid for, it feels like I am failing in this endeavor.  Sure, I can get the kids to the dentist or doctor, get paperwork to schools on time, even plan birthday parties, but I can’t make my own appointments accordingly.  Just ask my poor stylist who sees me monthly but usually gets a call the week of, begging for some time to get in for a cut and color.  Why is it so hard to put myself on the schedule?  Why must it wait until the last minute?

So what happens next?  I am taking the time to put myself on the schedule.  I am going to pick up the brochure for the salon, figure out what I want and make the appointment.  And I am not going to worry about anyone or anything else during my down time.

I wonder if they will let me sneak in wine…..


Monday, March 4, 2013

Birthday Party Madness

Maybe this confession will make me a bad mother, but I am not a fan of throwing kid’s birthday parties.  Yes, I love to celebrate the birth of my children.  Yes, I love that they want to celebrate their birthday with others.  No, I do not enjoy the work or the pressure that goes along with the party.  doitall

To be honest, I am not a Pinterest-y or DIY mom.  I don’t have the time or the inclination to hand craft beautiful invitations, party favors or cutesy food displays.  It is simply not a priority to me.  Besides, my kids are only 4 and 5 years old.  Do you think they actually care or remember?  No.  The ones who remember the cute party ideas are the other parents.  Now, if I am throwing the party for my kids, shouldn’t I throw a party for the kids?

Please do not think I am looking down on moms who have the energy and passion to throw the fancy parties.  I have friends and family that do it.  To them I say, “More power to you!”  It is not like there is anything wrong with it.  I just don’t do it myself.  Well, that is not entirely true.  When Biggest turned four, we had a backyard carnival, complete with a bounce house, ring toss, face painting, even a basket full of real live puppies.  Was it fun?  Yes.  Did Biggest love it?  Yes.  Was it a lot of work?  Yes.  circusparty

Given the chance, I prefer to hold the party on site somewhere.  I prefer to have a party in which someone else cleans up before and after.  Someone else helps to control all the chaos.  Yesterday for Littlest’s birthday, we went to an indoor trampoline park with all our cousins.  It was awesome.  Kids were entertained.  Adults were entertained.  I had to send invites and bring a cake, that was it.  We even had someone who ran the event for us while we were there.  She cleaned up the room, she cleaned up the kids, kept them all happy.  Littlest loved her party.  What could be better than that?  (Did I mention it was a pretty inexpensive party as well?  Score!)

Halle birthday 030

I rejoice the day my kidlets were born.  I also want them to feel special on their birthdays.  They deserve to feel loved and adored, especially on their birthday.  I just choose to show it in my own way.  For Littlest, it was cupcakes for breakfast this morning.  After all, you only turn four once!

Happy birthday, Littlest!

Halle birthday 211