Thursday, March 14, 2013

Get in My Closet

boring Since I started at the new store over two months ago, I have hardly bought anything.  I think my new co-workers believe I am crazy or have amazing self control.  Quite the opposite in fact.  I have no self control.  What I have is a husband with amazing SJ&YP spending control.  For the past couple of months, I have been put on a spending “hiatus.”  It sucks.  I am dying.  No, Hubby did not physically take my credit card(s) from me.  Yes, Hubby is right, we need to pay off a few bills.  However, I need some new closet inspiration.  I have been finding my current closet boring.  It is my job to be a brand ambassador, so I need to shop!

You know what doesn’t help this overwhelming urge to shop?  Trying on clothes constantly to see how they fit.  Guess what?  When they fit good, it is hard not to whip out the Visa.  Again, it sucks.  I keep hoping that if I am good, I will be rewarded for my good behavior.  Now, you may be asking yourself, “Is it really that bad?”  My answer to you is, YES!  Do you know what it is like to be surrounded by adorable, trendy clothing that other people get to buy but you can’t?  It feels wrong.  I want to wear the spring styles too….

Lately, I have taken to compiling a list of items entitled “Get in My Closet.”  This helps me to be prepared for the moment Hubby says “Honey, go buy yourself something pretty.  You deserve it.”  Actually, it will sound more like, “Honey, while I don’t agree that you used the check card for evil, at least you kept it under $XXXXXX (insert your own dollar amount).”  I thought sharing some of the things I love might inspire Hubby (since he claims to read my blog).  So here are a few of the outfits I would like to get in my closet.  Hopefully, my Hubby will let me utilize my discount in the near future. 


OK, I love this dress, even if it is a little like walking with a rubber band around your legs.  It made me feel skinny and kind of sexy.  And the denim jacket was so soft and stretchy.  YUM!  I can totally imagine wearing this out for drinks or date night.

Dress:  Kersh

Denim Jacket:  AG

Necklaces: Zad and Indio Kate

Shoes:  Dolce Vita


Nothing I like better than a pair of slouchy pants and a T-shirt.  This outfit took it a step further and made me feel more pulled together for running around, very mom-friendly!  Plus, I got to multi-purpose the denim jacket.  See Hubby?  I do know how to save money…kind of….

Jacket:  AG

T-shirt:  Allen Allen

Pants:  XCVI

Necklace:  Chateau Belle

Earrings: Indio Kate

Bracelets:  Indio Kate and Rue de Nicollet



Naturally, I needed to have an outfit which includes my signature look, skinny jeans.  Since I have been feeling spring-y, I had to pull out some bright colors for this outfit.  I am loving the neon green in the top and the flowy bottom helps hide the abdominal damage caused by two C-sections and years of laziness.

Shirt:  Acrobat

Tank:  Kennedy

Scarf: Thirty Nine 42

Jeans:  AG

Boots:  Mia Girl


I have been loving the new mesh look I have been seeing all over for spring, especially paired with a striped tank showing underneath.  If you peek at the mirror behind me, you will see the stripes really show through the back of the tank.  I tried to take a picture from behind to show it but that turned out to be bad idea.  Trust me. 

Shirt;  Heather B

Tank:  Kersh

Necklaces: Zad



Dang.  I did not want to take this sweater off the first time I tried it on.  It was even harder the second time.  It was sheer, soft, and comfortable.  Absolute LOVE!  I just want to but it and put a sequined tank underneath for some extra sparkle…but I would still rock the cowboy boots.

Sweater:  Kerisma

Tank:  Kennedy

Bracelets: Indio Kate and Rue de Nicollet


  1. Love this post! I can't find the sweater in the last pic on the website yet - do you know if it will be? Does it only come in yellow?

    1. It arrived the day before so keep checking the website! It did only come in yellow, the computer doesn't do it justice. It is a pretty chartreuse. :)

  2. Quick question; in the pick with the white jean jacket and pink t with blue stripes; are those pants the XCVI fold-over palazzo pant? Those look way cuter on you than on the model on, assuming they are the same pants. They appear much more wide-leg on the web-site than on you. Do you own these?


    1. Thanks for the flattery! The pants are the XCVI Lovejoy pant in black. I don't own the Lovejoy pant but I DO already own the Palazzo pant. Both are super comfy. Size down though because they do stretch out quite a bit. :)