Thursday, March 28, 2013

True Confessions.

Tonight, as I was sipping wine, I was reflecting on a few things.  We all have secrets or little know facts about ourselves.  We rarely divulge them.  I thought tonight, fueled by a glass of wine, I would share some of mine.

  • Confession #1 – This is starting with a big one.  Super embarrassing.  I used to pick my nose when I was little and wipe it on the wall next to my bed.  My mom would make me use a brillo pad to clean the wall occasionally.  GROSS!  At least I know I didn’t eat them….
  • Confession #2 – I had more than one glass of wine before writing this post.  answer
  • Confession #3 – I have sent my kids to bed early, not because they were being naughty, just because they were driving me crazy or I was crabby.  To be honest, I would have went to bed early myself but apparently that is not allowed.
  • Confession #4 – I once bought a pair of shoes from a very large retailer, wore them twice, decided I didn’t like them and then returned them, stating they were uncomfortable.  In my defense, I ended up simply returning the one pair but buying two more.  Yes, I know this is bad.  I only did it once.  I still feel guilty.
  • Confession #5 – I cheated on my high school boyfriend once.  Again, in my defense, he cheated on me first.  More than once. 
  • Confession #6 – Sometimes I think my husband is a better parent than I am.  He is more fun.  I am more business.
  • Confession #7 – Sometimes I don’t like shopping.  Since I get to do it all day long with other people, I don’t always feel like doing it for myself.  Or Hubby.  Or the kidlets.
  • Confession #8 – I pray Hubby never learns to like premium denim, so I do not have to cut my own denim budget to buy him expensive jeans.  Same for Biggest and Littlest.  
  • Confession #9 – When Hubby and the kidlets are out of town, I don’t want to go out much.  I just want to go home and sit in silence.  With wine.  Alone.  So dreamy. alonetime
  • Confession #10 – I don’t always think the customer is right.  Sometimes the customer is wrong.  I know this from experience.  (See confession #4)
  • Confession #11 – On my days off, I often skip doing my hair and putting on makeup.  I almost always manage to shower or take a bath though. 
  • Confession #12 – On my 16th birthday, I learned why you should not drink underage.  Especially the bulk of a bottle of Malibu rum, straight.  Sorry, Mom.  I didn’t really go to see “The Three Musketeers” after leaving the store Christmas party.  I still can’t drink that stuff, almost 20 years later.
  • Confession #13 – I used to let the dogs sneak up on the couch with me when Hubby was gone.  Then I realized he let them do it when I was home.  What the hell?
  • Confession #14 – For the past couple of years I have attended Comic Con.  I even dress up in costume.  I look cool.  (SJ&YP note:  Yup, that is me as Jem from Jem and the Holograms) jem
  • Confession #15 -  I am a member of a book club called the Book Fluffers.  Yup.  I said it.  The Book Fluffers.  Surprisingly, we actually read the books we pick.  Well, the other members do.  I usually read the book a month or two later.  However, I still find ways to add to the discussion at the meetings.
  • Confession #16 – When I was younger, I would put Miracle Whip on bread and call it a sandwich.  Um..yeah.
  • Confession #17 – I could post more but a girl needs a few secrets.  And I have not had that much wine.
  • Confession #18 – I wish I had more votes on Top Mommy Blogs.  It would make me feel popular.  Clicking on the image below or at the right would do it.  Please?  Pretty please????
  • Confession #19 – I have had that much wine.  I just understand moderation as it pertains to the internet, not to the wine.



  1. Okay, umm, the boogers thing. My boys do that ALL. THE. TIME. I'm always making them wipe down their walls. They especially hate it when the boogers are so crusty, they can't get them off. I just found you randomly, but I'll be coming back! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

      Yup, it was gross but true. My kids like to eat theirs. They must get that from Hubby.