Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Uniform.

The other day at work, the topic of uniforms came up.  Now, I am not talking about uniforms worn at work or for sports or anything so structured like that.  The uniform we were discussing was the one that we all put on when we get home.  Yes, at work all day long me and my pals are stylish and put together (well, most of the time).  We don makeup, jewelry, skinny jeans and cute shoes.  But when we get home that all changes.  We put on the uniform, which is the comfiest clothes we can find to lounge away our days or nights at home in.  pajamas

For me, the uniform is one of three things.  I am either in my PJ Salvage heart pajamas I got for Christmas this year, the Restoration Hardware robe I got last year for Christmas or my PJ Salvage pajama pants I bought last fall with an old oversized Old Navy chambray shirt stolen from a high school buddy of mine (which my mother in law just spent God knows how much time repairing holes in).  Sounds sexy and stylish, doesn’t it?  I know it is not always the most attractive for poor Hubby, but he does get to see me all gussied up quite a bit. Plus, when I get home from work, my hair and makeup is already done, so at least I have that going for him.

pjsalvage bathrobe Now don’t get me wrong. My normal clothes are perfectly comfortable. Contrary to popular belief, skinny jeans and other fashionable items can be worn around the home without any issues.  Seriously.  I am telling the truth.  It is just happens that after wearing anything around long enough,  sometimes a change of clothes feels good. 

walmartAs much as I love my uniform, I don’t advocate dressing in your uniform for jaunts out in public.  Please do not do this.  This is how the website People of Wal-Mart probably got started.  Besides, you know that the second you leave your house looking like you just rolled out of bed, you will run into the one person in the world you don’t want to see, and he or she will look amazing.  I will even admit, I ran to Target tonight in my uniform.  To add to  a little extra something to the outfit, I was still wearing my makeup from yesterday and a stocking cap to cover up my crazy hair.  I have never navigated Target so fast in my life.  Truthfully,  I am shocked (and feeling extremely lucky) I didn’t run into anyone I know, because I almost always do. 

So next time you slip into your uniform on a lazy Sunday or at the end of a long work day, just know you are not alone.  I am right there with you.

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  1. I'm feeling a little bad I went to the coffee shop to write this morning in black work out pants and a AERO zip hoodie. However, be proud..I did my hair AND put on some concealer for that pesky acne that hasn't yet figure out I'm 33 not 13, AND tinted moisturizer!! I'm getting better!
    I even changed out of the hoodies matching sweat pants for a more acceptable pair of slacker bottoms just before I left...I actually wanted jeans but in my defense my 3 fitting pairs of jeans (and I say "fit" loosely because I know you are dying to burn my AE's) were in the wash.

    You should do a feature on here "Fixing Amber" LOL.

    Love the blog mama! Keep it up!