Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Trip to the Spa.

Ok, so it wasn’t really a trip to the spa.  I just went and got my haircut and colored.  Sounds simple, right?  Of course not.  Otherwise, what would be the point of writing a blog post?  Moms never just get an easy trip to the salon. salon

First of all, big thanks to my stylist, Tracy for squeezing me in this week.  As usual, I did not bother to book in advance.  Instead I opted to send Tracy a desperate message on Facebook, begging for help.  After several messages back and forth, Tracy graciously said she could fit me in on Tuesday at 5:00 pm, double booking her own schedule to do so.  Hmm….Hubby’s fishing league night and I would have the kids.  Maybe I could find a sitter?  Nope. No such luck.  Hey, here is an idea:  take the kids with me.  Yup, that sounds super fun.  It will be just like a mother-daughter(-daughter) trip to the salon in the 1950’s, where we will walk out skipping, holding hands and perfectly coiffed.

So armed with a couple of Happy Meals, an iPad, and my iPhone, me and the kidlets descended on the salon.  I must admit, the girls were pretty good overall.  They chatted up a nice older lady waiting for her nails to finish drying.  I can’t say I was overly surprised when mid-conversation with the nice lady, Littlest looked at her and asked, “Why are you so old?”  Um….whoops.  Sorry about that ma’am.  Thankfully, the nice, older lady was also hard of hearing.

The girls were amazingly good while I was getting my color put on (no this is not my natural color, in case you were wondering).    There was a moment where my stylist walked in on a conversation in which Littlest asked me “Do they have a cup for me to pee in?”  Yup.  My kidlets are full of one-liners.  I then got to explain the entire conversation which actually revolved around an old trip to the doctors office.

During my processing time, it was fairly uneventful, although I got to wipe a poopie tushie (nope, not mine), and Littlest decided the perfect time to have a conversation with me is while I was under the noisy dryer.  The rest of the visit was filled with minor arguments about who was sitting in what chair and who got to play on the iPad or the iPhone (oddly enough they both wanted the phone which is smaller and has less games.  Go figure.).  I am pretty sure we amused the hell out of my stylist.

I learned today to plan ahead or get a babysitter.  It is not relaxing to take two little girls to the salon with you.  Thankfully, I got done what I needed done and nobody got hurt.


(Yup, that is a selfie of me, chilling on my couch in my bathrobe. Not my best photo, but oh well.)

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