Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Secret Identity.

Recently at work, I think people have uncovered the truth.  I have a secret identity.  Sure, most people think I am a mild mannered yet more or less stylish mom blogger.  But at work I am a super hero, sometimes known as Super Sparkle!  I imagine it may be hard to recognize me in either form so here are a few ways to figure out which identity I am rocking:



Also known as:  Skinny Jeans & Yoga Pants

alterego Can be found:

Watching nerdy shows in the SyFy channel

Trying to convince her kids to play Crazy 8s or other card games with her

Surfing Pinterest to avoid doing any real work or blogging

Can be identified by:

The glass of wine in her hand

Two little girls who clearly dressed themselves attached at her hip

The yoga pants, sequined slippers, and a lack of makeup except mascara



Also known as:  Super Sparkle

supersparkle Can be found: 

Fighting the evil of blingy and ill-fitting denim

Making other moms look and feel hot

Accessorizing outfits with a single  scarf…or necklaces….earrings…bracelets….

Can be identified by:

Sparkly accessories, makeup, tank tops, basically anything shiny

Skinny jeans and a wedge or heel of some sort.

Her ability to get herself and two squirrely little girls ready for a big event in an hour or less



Maxi Dress by Lily (similar here)

Denim jacket by Gap (similar here)

Sparkle scarf from Hot Mama 

Earrings by Stella & Dot (similar here)

Bracelets from Sundar Imports

Shoes by Me Too (similar here)


Why yes, I am a huge geek.  Wait until I start posting about Comic Con in July….

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