Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I'm Back!

Ok, I know it has been a freakishly long blog hiatus. First of all, my most sincere apologies. While I am sure the break has not caused anyone’s life to stop on a dime, I imagine you may have been wondering where I have been hiding. Well…..at home and at work. The past couple of months, the balance between work/life/blog have not been very balanced. Some of my few nights where I have not been busy, I have been just trying to relax.

Second, I have been working on a way to make sure I am sharing content with you on a (mostly) regular basis. Moving forward, my goal is to have a minimum of two (preferably more!) posts per week. How will I accomplish said goal? I have a plan! Yes, I know best laid plans….blah blah blah. My plan is to publish two weekly posts with consistent themes.

The first will be a midweek post, The Weekly Drool. This post could be about my hot new dentist (Hello, Dr. Chad!) or the latest and greatest items at work which I can’t stop thinking about, basically whatever I am yearning for at any given moment.

The second will be a end of week post, The Weekly Wrap Up. This will give a wrap up of the week’s highlights, some may already be blogged about, some will not. Sometimes this will be freakishly exciting. Other times….not so much. Sounds like something you want to read, doesn’t it?! I promise I will keep it spicy and interesting.

So moving forward, I make a commitment to you followers, to do a better job of posting interesting and exciting content in a timely manner. I truly value everyone who follows this random mom/style/God-only-knows-what blog I write.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for following.

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