Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Anyone who has ever peeked in my makeup drawer knows that I have sworn my allegiance to MAC Cosmetics for years.  Yes, I mean years.  I started wearing MAC my junior year of college. You do the math from there.  I am already well aware of how old I am.  With that being said, it has been my cousin’s mission to broaden my cosmetic and skincare horizons over the past year.  Whether it is for my own benefit or because she knows I will give her lots of opinions on the products she gives me to test out (and possibly blog about) is yet to be determined.

For my birthday, my cousin gave me a new NARS eye shadow duo, Vent Glace.  I liked it. It was pretty.  It was neutral enough for me to wear daily but I could still jazz it up for going out at night.  I wanted more.


Vent Glace 

So when Cuz got her hands on the newest colors for spring and summer, I was psyched.  I think we all know that I am not afraid of color and playing with makeup.  So as a favor to my cuz (anyone buying that one?), I tried them out.  Guess what?!  I was loving up on them.  Problem with that?  I had all kinds of new eye shadows to blog about but it was not available in stores yet!  (Know what else?  My diamond shoes were too tight and my tiara kept falling off!  Oh poor me.)  Finally, months later, here are my new favorite NARS shadows for summer. 



South Pacific

I do not recommend this with teal liner.  Not that I have tried that….  Very beachy and fun though!


cleo Cleo

This is much more shimmery when you put it on.  You may have seen this in a profile picture on the SJ&YP Facebook page.



Jolie Poupee

Seriously.  That is the name.  It makes me giggle too.  This is one of Biggest’s favorites.  She is a lover of all things purple.


strada Strada

I wore this one yesterday.  Paired it with Shadowy Lady from MAC.  Loved it.


hulaHula Hula

This one has become my absolute FAVORITE eye shadow.  I wear it all the time.  It is a great neutral and I love to swap out which color I am putting in the crease versus on the lid.  Plus, there are glitter flecks in the shadow, and we all know how I love me some sparkle!  This shadow is one of my must-haves (if I had a list of must haves).   I am wearing it in a lot of the pics you see on the blog.

So there you have it, the SJ&YP eye shadow loves of the summer.  Find your favorite NARS retailer (like Sephora????)  and check them out.  While you are there, try their liquid liners too, another SJ&YP favorite.  Just sayin’.



poupee  *giggles*

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