Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Weekly Drool–My Boyfriend


It is true. While I am almost 100% devoted to Hubby,  I have a secret love on the side.  Last week at Comic Con, I was on the phone with Biggest.  She asked what I was doing that day.  I told her, “Mommy is going to see her boyfriend.”  She immediately replied, “Oh, Tom Hiddleston?”

Yup, I am raising that one right.

She was correct.  I was going to see Tom Hiddleston, the only man I would leave Hubby for.   For those of you who don’t know who that is, he is a British actor who was in War Horse, Midnight in Paris, Thor, and The Avengers.  He is so dreamy that he is not only on my top five list, he IS my top five list and I was going to be in the same room as him (along with 250 other people).  Sure, it was not the intimate setting I had always imagined in my nutty 35-year-old-mother-of-two fantasies, but it was close enough. 

On the bright side, Hubby was cool with it.  He has long known about my love affair with Tom Hiddleston.  I asked him how he felt about the situation.  Hubby said he will be sad, but the financial settlement he will receive in return for giving me up will make him feel slightly better.  No matter what he says, I know Hubby was relieved when Tom found his own ride to the airport after the panel I saw him in at Comic Con.  Seriously.  I would have shared our cab with him…

Still a bummer for me. 

Either way, enjoy some photos of a beautiful man.

SDCC2013 676

SDCC2013 712

SDCC2013 725

SDCC2013 827

For those who want to watch the interview that I was at to take these photos (yes I took them myself), please enjoy the following Conversations for  Cause with Tom Hiddleston at Nerd HQ during Comic Con.  Yes, I was there.  No, you can’t see me or Bestie in the video very well but we are in it near a column in the back ground, just look for my bleached out hair!  After attending this panel, even Bestie now admits to understanding my adoration of this man.  PS, enjoy the little extra yumminess in the form of Zachary Levi (who is number six on my list).

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You’re welcome.

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