Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekly Highlights!

(SJ&YP Note:  Welcome to the very first “Weekly Highlights” post!  I have no idea how this is going to look in the long run but for now, let’s just see what happens.)

So this week was long.  Very, very long.  I was crazy busy at work (which I love) and gearing up for a fun weekend.  Here are my highlights from the week:

Style Excitement:

In addition to the ah-mazing shipments of Free People we got in the store last week, we are becoming loaded down with new fall stuff and I am absolutely drooling.  I may have a serious problem in the near future, especially if Mother Nature plays her bitch card and drags out the hot weather forever.  I am done with summer.  Seriously over it.We can start wearing sweaters, long sleeves, Prairie Underground, boots, etc. any day now.  Yes, I know you all think I am nuts.  What can I say, I love to layer.I feel some blog posts coming on, I just have to figure out what I want to focus on.
Also, I picked up the latest copy of In Style magazine.  Love, love, love almost everything in it.  It started me thinking about how long I have had my current haircut.  A change may be in my future.  I don’t know what it looks like yet, so stay tuned!  (I am getting distracted by searching Pinterest for ideas when I am supposed to be typing this blog post…)  In addition, I really want to reorganize and purge my closet now.  I think Hubby will get on board with that one, as long as I do not refill it again too quickly.


Mom Life:

This week found us having not one but two fun family experiences.  First, we went on a camping trip with my sis and her family.  Just one night, because we are not completely crazy.  All four adults and four kids managed to survive a night in the woods.  The first time ever for our family.  Biggest and Littlest had a blast, running in the woods, making hobos and smores, getting to stay up late!
Second, we went back to school shopping.  This is my third year doing this, having started when Biggest was in 4K, but it was a first for Hubby and Littlest participating. We even managed to make it out of Target alive with no one getting yelled at.  It was a back-to-school miracle.  Hubby even treated the kidlets to an Icee (and me to my copy of In Style).


Overall, a very successful, happy week!

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