Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Time for a Change.

My friends and family know I am frequently changing my hair and makeup.  I have had almost every single hair color you could imagine, most within the past year.  Sometimes I am craving something in particular, sometimes I am at the mercy of my talented stylist, Tracy (who always has ideas and never gets bored with me).  So lately, I have been craving something different.  Tracy talked me off the ledge at my January appointment, reminding me spring is a better time for change.  Well, it is now mid-February.  Close enough!  I was dying for something new.   The question was…..what to do?instyle2

So today, I went into my appointment with a big idea.  A very big idea.  After meeting some friends last week, I was encouraged to check out the March issue of InStyle for hair inspiration.  Michelle Williams always has great hair.  She is one of the people who inspired my own pixie cut.  I loved her hair in the magazine.  Instyle

But she is not the only celeb who’s style I was coveting this week.  Call me crazy but I have been digging the latest and greatest from Miss Miley Cyrus too!  Her quiff is amaze-balls (yes, that is a word…kind of).  I have been jonesing to do a quiff for awhile now.  Add platinum blonde to the equation and I am in heaven. 

miley-cyrus-quiffLets be real. I am a busy mom. This style requires less work. Yes, you have to do it, but to be honest, the shorter your hair gets, the faster it is to do everyday. It probably takes me less time to style my hair start to finish (including drying time) than it does most of my friends to brush through their long hair. True story.  Once you go short, you just get shorter and shorter.  It becomes an addiction.  Thankfully, my stylist understands this. 

New hair must have been on everyone’s mind today.  While I was waiting for my turn at glory, I saw my friend and fellow mom blogger, Evil Joy checking out.  She was rocking her own new do, courtesy of Tracy as well.  Great (evil?) minds think alike!  (SJ&YP note:  Go check out Evil Joy’s blog,  She is spunky, fun, and says it like it is.)

We got started overhauling my hair.  People kept walking by her station to see what was going on. I think the best word to describe her as we worked was giddy.  Apparently, I might be the client who takes the most risks in her chair.  The way I see it, is it is just hair.  If you don’t like it, you can always change it again. It is never permanent.  I still find it amazing that someone with short hair like mine could make such a drastic change anyway.

Curious about the end result yet????





Biggest and Littlest are fans already.  Biggest called me a rock star and asked me to keep the faux-hawk in the back everyday (sorry, I didn’t get a good picture of the back).  Littlest told me I looked like a ballerina princess.  Hubby just stared.  I am going to assume that means he likes it.




  1. I <3 it! I so wish I could pull that off. It looks amaze-balls on you ;)

  2. Love it! And I"m linking to it from my post! Sorry I didn't get to it til now!!! Love love love it!

  3. I love the new hair style. It makes me think of Pink. it looks beautiful on you and the fact that its easy to deal with is an extra plus. :)
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