Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nothing to Wear.

nothingtowearThis morning when I got dressed.  I was faced with an age old dilemma.  What was I going to wear?  I am not sure if it is me, the time of year, or the contents of my closet, but I have nothing to wear these days.  Biggest and Littlest disagree, believing Mom’s closet to have endless possibilities and sparkles hidden within its depths.  I just don’t see it myself.   Even today, as I dressed in an outfit which I know was probably cute and got a few compliments on, I was over it by about noon.  Sad, but true.  

So what is the problem?  I think I am getting the mid-winter blues.  A six months ago, I was aching to pull out the sweaters and boots and pack away the strappy sandals and shorts.  Anyone remember this earlier post:  Seasons Change?  My love for sweaters and boots is starting to dwindle as all the light, airy fabrics and colors of spring start to arrive at the store.  I am constantly surrounded by a barrage of tank tops, shorts, and maxi-dresses just beckoning me to buy and wear them.  Maybe that is the problem.  I have not bought anything new for awhile (with the exception of two pairs of jeans which I needed, to replace some jeans which I wore out, it has actually been a long while). 

I am not sure if the cure for my mid-winter doldrums is a shopping excursion, a purge of the closet, or bringing someone else in to get a fresh take on the contents of my closet.  Or maybe it is all three that I need.  I don’t know.  The idea of living out of my current closet for much longer is starting to make me nutty (well, nuttier than before).

nothingnew Hubby will tell you (he is most likely screaming this at the computer as he reads it) that shopping never solves anything. Um, yeah.  Right. Let me tell you something, Hubby.  Shopping is cheaper than therapy.  If I don’t get something new in that closet, I might need therapy.  I am on the brink of being bored out of my mind!  If this keeps up, I might resort to letting Biggest and Littlest dress me every day. While I am sure they would enjoy it immensely, I am not sure I could survive the style choices of our four and five year olds.  Besides, they have a hard time agreeing who will pick out what color undies I am wearing on any given day.  Can you imagine the bloody, violent, girl-tastic war that would break out over an entire outfit?  God help us all.

So spring, please hurry along.  Bring with you warm weather and new trends.  I need something to wear.




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  1. Ive also come to the point were I cant find ANYTHING to wear. Im even resorting to asking my husband for ideas. I think itd be a good idea to let one of the little ones dress you one day each.
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