Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Preparation Must Begin.

It is that time of the year.  Temperatures are starting to rise.  You can now see the grass underneath the snow banks, creeping towards the sun.  We have started cracking windows open occasionally to start freshening up the house.  And, of course, the biggest indicator of all…..the piles of dog poop starting to surface in our back yard as the snow begins to melt. 

It is at this time of year, I have to start thinking about spring preparations.  For some, this means getting their spring clothes out of the closet and packing away the winter sweaters.  For others, it is a time when they being to clean their house from top to bottom.  For most men, it is a time when the promise of projects in the yard and drinking beer in the driveway will soon commence.  For me, it is time to start getting myself ready for spring clothes. 

I am sure you are thinking I am referring to working out.  Sure, that will most likely be included, but not for the reasons you may think.  I am less than concerned about getting bikini ready.  That won’t happen.  Not without a tummy tuck.  I am talking about getting ready for shorts, sandals, dresses, etc.  To be honest, I cannot simply throw on these items willy-nilly.  I need time to prepare myself for this transition.  The time has now come.  So you are probably asking yourself, what the hell does she need to do that requires so much work?  Well here is my list:

  • dosomething Jiggle control.  Yup, I am the woman who pigs out all winter long.  Hey, I still fit into my skinny jeans and rock them.  But I do not think it is any coincidence that all the fattening holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter) fall during a time of year when we are typically bundling up under layer upon layer of sweater.  Someone knew what they were doing with that one.  Honestly, I like working out in warm weather better.  I can get outside with our fur babies and give them a workout too or take the kidlets for a bike ride while I walk or run alongside.  The bummer is, to get into a great pair of Joe’s Jeans distressed shorts I bought on clearance at work, I need to tone up a little in the middle (where I carry all my weight).  And the thighs are looking thicker than normal too.  Nothing some effort and eating healthy can’t put a dent in.

(Fear not, I will not be posting every trip to Snap Fitness on facebook.  Then  you would know how often I go.  That would make me have to go more, which means I would be posting more and you would get annoyed.  So to save us all the effort, I have posted tonight’s first trip to the gym.  Unless something exciting happens, I will most likely keep future trips to myself, unless asked or unless a great blog post inspires me.)

  • Foot patrol.  I am a freak for feet.  Not in a foot fetish kind of way, mind you, but for a good looking set of tootsies.  I firmly believe that if a person is going to rock a sandal, take the few minutes in the shower to work a pumice stone across your heels.  In addition, it is not hard to slap some Vaseline or Aquafor on your feet, don a pair of socks and go to bed.  Takes about 2 minutes to do.  Of course, ladies, take a few minutes to slap a little polish on the toes.  You will feel better.  Your feet will look better.  Even Biggest and Littlest get on board with this idea.  Those two love a good pedicure, Biggest even got one to match mine tonight, construction cone orange!  How can you rock a pair of Dolce Vita wedges with frinkle feet?  I am just sayin’. pedicure
  • Hair removal.  I am fairly decent about shaving occasionally during the winter.  I try to hit that at least every other week on the legs (so as not to completely clog the razor) and once or twice a week under the arms (cut me some slack, I am a blondie).  The bikini area, however, gets ignored unless it is a special occasion where a bathing suit must be pulled out.  Now that warmer months are upon us, this hair removal regime must be stepped up a notch.  Under arms will be done every couple of days, legs twice a week or so.  Bikini area…..still up for debate.  It will get done eventually…. shavelegs
  • pasty Pasty skin elimination.  This is a big one for me.  I am fair skinned.  I don’t mean pretty porcelain skin.  I am pasty white.  My legs could glow in the dark right now.  Unfortunately for me, my skin is afraid of the sun.  I can’t tan.  I either burn and return to white or turn an odd pinkish-red color.  On the bright side, I am not a fan of tanning, in the sun or in a bed.  I put way to much work into my skin (thanks to my cousin at Sephora), to take the chance of turning into a leather hand bag.  My resource?  Self tanner, baby!  I love the stuff.  In the summer, I try to apply anywhere from one to three times per week.

I imagine at this point, other moms are starting to question why the hell I do this and where do I find the time.  The answers are simple.  Because I look and feel better and usually after the kids go to bed.  It is always about balancing things which make me me and being mom.  Plus, I think it is good for Biggest and Littlest to see that it is OK to take care of yourself to better take care of others.  Happy wife/mom, happy life, right?

So bring it on, Spring.  I will be ready for you.



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  1. I am a terrible person! I accidentally rejected the following comment from Jessica. To Jessica, my most sincere apologies for the slip of the mouse!

    "It hit 70 here in Denver this weekend and I immediately had spring fever. Since the weekend, I have completed a full spa pedicure, waxing, up'ed my cardio, and started a juice I know where you are at...and I also can't wait for warm (and consistent) weather!

    xxoo - jessica"