Sunday, June 23, 2013


ellamoss  I like options.  Who doesn’t?  When I get something new in my closet, I like to see how many different ways I can wear it, especially since Hubby is still keeping my spending at bay (boo!).  So when this sweet little striped Ella Moss sundress dress appeared at the store, I immediately fell in love.  Once I tried it on, I had to buy it.  I actually mean, I HAD to buy it.  As in, cut the tags off, this dress is not coming off of me (yes, Hubby was cool with it).  That picture on the right is actually a picture of me when I first tried it on and refused to take it off. (SJ&YP note:  Please excuse the lack of a head in the photo, but it was more flattering that way.  Trust me.)

A few days later, I was wearing the dress at work (again).  The other stylists and I were experiencing some downtime and thought it would be fun to find as many different ways as we could to style the dress, making different outfits.  So here are some of the looks we came up with! 


Option #1

som3 Adding a mixed media cardy was a fun way to mix prints and add a punch of color.  Besides, I love the idea of combining two of my favorite designers, Ella Moss and Charlotte Tarantola.  Throwing on a great statement necklace brought more color in and added some sophistication to the outfit.

Cardigan by Charlotte Tarantola

Necklace by Blush and Blue


Option #2


This kimono cardy was so soft and comfortable.  Again, I love the mixed prints and splash of color.  I felt like I should be going to a bridal or wedding shower on a hot summer night.  Very easy, breezy.

Kimono Cardy by Honey Punch

Necklaces by Linden Hills and Mia Berkley


Option #3


I am absolutely in love with this jacket.  It brings a more casual feel to the dress, and does a nice job of giving me a waist where I lack one.  Of course, I needed a touch of sparkle, hence, the bold, blingy necklace.    I could see wearing this out for date night with Hubby.  Maybe I can convince him I need the jacket too….

Jacket by Billabong

Necklaces by  Blush and Blue and Adorn


Option #4

som7Ok, this was what I actually wore in to work, minus the sunglasses.  I love the soft, vintage (by vintage I mean 80’s acid washed) look to the jacket.  I was comfy and casual.  This would be perfect for having drinks with my girlfriends or hitting up an event where I want to look effortlessly amazing (yes, we all have those events, like class reunions, family reunions, first dates, running in to exes….).

Denim Jacket by Kut

Palamino Necklace by Stella & Dot

Sunglasses by Ray Ban


Option #5


Since I love this dress, I wanted to make it last as long as possible.  One of my favorite tricks is to add a pair of skinny jeans under a summer dress.  Could I do leggings?  Sure, but I love my skinny jeans more.  It is a more evolved look.  Throw on a Prairie Underground hoodie, which lets be honest, goes with anything, and I have a great outfit for running around this fall!  (SJ&YP note:  Please ignore the odd look on my face.  It was 90 degrees out , the sun was really bright and I am squeezed into a pair of jeans that were one size too small for me and my big belly.  We had to take this photo fast.)

Long Cloak Hoodie by Prairie Underground

Legging Jean by AG

Necklace by Blush and Blue



Wondering about the rest of my outfit’s accessories in each picture?

 Bardot Spiral Bangle and Devi Bangles  by Stella & Dot

Wooden Bangle via Sundar Imports

Glint Flower Earrings by Stella & Dot

Shoes by Dolce Vita

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