Friday, December 7, 2012

Fancy Friday with Ashley Coconut!


The Blueberries Taste Like Blueberries!

I bought this jacket two years ago from Hot Mama and haven't worn it enough.  So when I bought this blue sparkly sweater to go with the leopard jacket (yes, I got my card back and it hasn't been taken away yet, pat myself on the back), I knew it would rock with this velvet jacket to create the perfect mono-chromatic look!  When my husband saw me in my blue ensemble he said, " You look like a blueberry."  I replied, "Like blueberry in a good way or blueberry in a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory way?" I took it as in a good way. 

So, I hope this inspires you to create a yummy Fancy Friday look!


Jacket: Luii ("vintage" Hot Mama)

Sweater: RD Style (Hot Mama)

Tank: Bobi (Hot Mama)

Necklaces: Gilded and Harriet Isles (Hot Mama)


Not only do I love it when I get guest blog posts from Ashley Coconut, I love when she references Willy Wonka! ~ SJ&YP


  1. pretty pretty! I do not wear jackets enough, I love the way they look and yet never incorporate them into my own style...and I can relate to not so subtle remarks from the hubs :)

  2. Noel- Last Year, was the first year I really got into necklaces! I made a goal last fall to take a risk and wear "big" necklaces and now I do and multiples. Maybe make it a new years resolution! It can totally change an outfit! But I feel the same way about big earrings, own a ton but never wear them!

    That will be added onto my new years resolution!

  3. You are gorgeous. Seriously hoping I can come in in January for an Evil Joy meets Skinny Jeans & Yoga Pants DAY OF FUN!