Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Christmas Concert

Tonight, I was having flashbacks to my own days in elementary school.  My mom would get me all dressed up (usually in a blouse that tied at the neck and culottes or an Eclipse sweater with matching turtleneck) and I would be off to sing in the elementary school Christmas concert.  It was an annual tradition.  This year, it was my turn to be the mom dressing up her daughter.  Tonight was Biggest’s kindergarten Christmas concert.

Now, obviously things have changed since I was in school.  The concert was for only kindergarten and first graders.  And they had two concerts!  One was held at 2:00 pm and the other was held at 6:30 pm.  I never realized so many people actually wanted to attend these things!  Who woulda thunk it?  wearingthat

I had originally planned on only attending the evening show, but when I discovered I could get off work early, I raced to surprise Biggest at the matinee.  Of course, watching my oldest baby walk up on the stage made me misty. At first.  THEN I realized all the other kids were all gussied up.  Girls were wearing dresses and hair bows.  Some boys even had dress shirts and pants on.  So what was Biggest wearing?  Well, being the daughter of a fashionista, she had other opinions on what to wear.  I had to argue her into a red sweater and skinny jeans this morning.  We are lucky she let me brush her hair and put a hair binder in.  Oh well,  I have other battles to fight.  Luckily, by the evening concert, I was able to convince her to wear a denim skirt and leggings.  Hey, it is a step in the right direction, right? 

The evening concert provided more surprises, since not only were more kids dressed up (or had their hair done fancy, clean clothes, etc), there was a wait to get in at 6:00 pm.  Biggest and Littlest started griping at me from the backseat, complaining we were going to be late.  Sorry.  It is my first time.  I didn’t know!  Thankfully, we got out of the car as the doors opened and people raced in for seats.  The three of us managed to snag some pretty good seats, trying to be conservative and only taking two (unlike others who claimed who rows for their family, friends, neighbors, friends from work, etc).  Eventually, Hubby found us (sore spot about him arriving home late) and we got to be together as a family.  cartoon_line.big

Naturally, the concerts were adorable.  How could a bunch of five and six year olds not be?  I even spotted a few of my favorite “concert standards” while at the events.  You know you have seen them (or maybe been one).  First, the kid who shouts all the words.  This kid is one of my favorites.  He can’t sing, but he gives it all he’s got.  Second, the kid who is really into it.  This kid is always going over the top with the actions and facial expressions.  He or she is definitely bound for Broadway. I laughed way too hard at this kid during both concerts. But in my defense, I think he knew he was hilarious.  Third, the kid who has no rhythm.  He or she is clapping in the back (or front) and has no clue what is going on around them.  Lastly, the kid who is so busy watching the others, they are not doing anything else.  I was mostly expecting this to be Biggest, but surprisingly she was actually performing today (after she got done doing pull ups on the bar in the back row).


So we survived our first Christmas concert at school.  It was nostalgic and fun, creating new memories for us to carry into the future.  And reminders for the future:  show up early and fight the wardrobe battle.


  1. We have our elementary Christmas concert in Menahga on Monday and I can't wait! I always cry at the end singing Silent Night in a packed, hot, dark gym. I'm hoping Lonnie Schmidt doesn't retire until my kids are out of elementary!

  2. I must be the worst mother ever. I despise the Christmas concert and being packed into the gymnasium like cattle waiting for market. I usually end up sitting next to someone who smells bad, too. If I'm lucky it's just one person, but sometimes you get the whole row of stinkers. Of course, my elementary student sings at home all day long, so I get my own personal concert whenever I want it!

  3. You're lucky it ended up being at Christmas!!! What a fun time! A few years back we managed to have to attend them all - K-1, 2-3, 4-5 - we have aa K, 2, and a 5. And each one is crazier than the next!! It's so fun see all the crazy dressed up kids - you can definitely see which kids win and loose the clothing battles...which I personally don't fight....honestly...I think they look cute whatever they wear - cause they're cute!!!!