Sunday, August 19, 2012

Seasons Change.

It is that time of year.  Nights are getting longer and cooler (hopefully).  Back to school shopping is in full swing and the Great Minnesota Get Together, the State Fair, begins in less than a week.  I am becoming torn between two seasons.  Well.....kind of.  Not really.  I am completely ready for summer to end.  Yes, I know this makes me a complete nutter to most people but it is my least favorite season.  I long for the days of layering thermals, snuggly sweaters with skinny jeans and boots.  It is worse when you are surrounded by adorable fall clothing all day long.  I have been living in September/October since July.
On the bright side, my customers are finally moving into fall shopping mode!  That  means I get to dress people up in my adored fall ensembles all day long.  We are having a good time figuring out how to make this transition from summer into fall together, giving us all the chance to start wearing our favorite fall pieces starting now. 
Yes, I know I should be saving my “back to school” clothes for later, especially since I have hidden my daughter’s new school clothes and let her cry over the skinny jeans she was dying to wear to school already in August (Evil Skinny Jeans and Yoga Pants – taking lessons from Evil Joy, perhaps?).  However, I am the mom so I make the rules, and I say that I can start wearing my fall yummies right now.
At this point, I am sure you thinking, get to the point: how are you incorporating fall during the middle of August.  It is easy.  With a little help from my friends (i.e. the stylists I work with at Hot Mama), we are all finding new and different ways to bring sweaters, jackets, fur vests, boots, layers into our summer wardrobes.  Add a pair of boots to a skirt or shorts (see photo below).  Layer a scarf over a T-shirt for an extra splash of fab during your back to school shopping excursions.  Toss a fur vest over a lightweight dress for a little extra warmth and style at night.  Add a snuggly sweater or sweatshirt to a pair of shorts for running around the playground with your kids.  Throw on your skinny jeans and roll them up to wear as a crop on days that are not blazingly hot (or be like me and do it any day it strikes your fancy.  Screw the thermostat).

My Hot Mama Stylist Models!
Emily (left)
Sweatshirt - Lavender Thymes
Shorts and Bracelets - Hot Mama
Socks – DSW
Boots – Nordstrom's
Leah (right)
Scarf and Skirt - Hot Mama
Boots - REI

So start pulling out your fall gear and find creative ways to make it transitional during this change of seasons.  I know I am.  Thankfully, fall will be here before we know it! 

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  1. Can't wait for fall! Cute models. Decent photographer too. (wink)