Friday, September 7, 2012

Challenge Accepted.

I love a challenge.  Anyone who has ever met me knows I do not shy away from the potential to step up when the gauntlet is thrown.  God help us all if my daughters inherit this trait from me (and I am afraid they have).  So when my friend Alison sent me the following message on Facebook, I was ecstatic:

“I have a challenge for you......I do not believe that EVERYone can sport skinny jeans...but I kind of want some....”

Challenge accepted!

Today, Alison was brave enough to venture through the doors of Hot Mama, entering my world of denim goodness.  I am impressed with how open-minded Alison was.  We started in her room with 6 different pairs and brands of skinny jeans for her to try.  Alison and I talked about the importance of trying on skinny jeans with boots and after the first pair of skinnies, she understood why. alison1

Our first pair of jeans was from AG. She took one look in the mirror and was cringing, until we put on the boots.  It took the emphasis off the slim ankle silhouette and added balance to her leg.  We both agreed, even with the boot, the jean was a miss for her.  I explained to Alison the pocket placement was off and it was not the love from the back we were looking for.  So we moved on to the next.  And the next.  And the next. 

THEN we put on the Joe’s Jeans Jegging.  YOWZER!  Her tushie looked like a ripe little peach.  The denim was soft and easy for her to get on.  It was a love (although I might be a little biased, since I own the jeans myself).  Even though we had found a pair we loved, we kept trying.  We found another win with the Joe’s Jeans Skinny with some distressing.  Then we put on the 7 for All Mankind Roxanne Skinny and we had a competition!  Alison was not sure what she liked better between the Joe’s and the 7’s.  These are the problems finding jeans that I like to have.  Some women can only find one or two they like, but to have several?  YAY for us!

In the end, Alison ended up selecting the Joe’s Jeans Jegging (plus one or two other hot things….I love retail therapy).  Let’s be honest.  For Alison, they were perfect.  The fit was amazing (hello tushie!), they are super comfortable, she can bend over with out her rear showing and you can nap in them (true sign of a great jean).

Bottom line?  You all can wear skinny jeans.  You just need the patience and open mind to try them on, just like Alison.  The challenge has now been extended to you!


*Special thanks to Alison for being such a good sport and letting me blog this.”


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