Sunday, September 9, 2012

Style Versus Comfort

Wow.  What a weekend it has been.  Typically my weekends are the equivalent to a Wednesday or Thursday for everyone else, since I live in a retail world.  However, that doesn’t mean my weekends don’t get really full of stuff to do.  This particular weekend, we (and by we I mean Biggest and Littlest), were invited to 3 birthday parties.  Wow.  We don’t usually have three in a month, let alone three in one weekend. 

Of course, with birthday parties, there is the added stress of what to wear as a parent attending.  Working in a store that many of the other moms shop at means I feel like I have to have the bar set a touch higher for my non-work wardrobe.  Luckily, the first two parties I went to straight from work, so I was feeling pretty good about the outfits du jour (an added bonus of my occupation).

Today was my day off though.  Should I dress up or down for the party today?  On the one hand, it was the party of my chill friend, Melissa’s, son Owen.  This was a crew I don’t have to put on airs for. On the other hand, with the craziness of the store this weekend, I had to be prepared to leave the party to head into work to help if needed.  BFandFlatsWhat should I choose?  Style or comfort?

So I decided to split the difference.  The beauty of short hair is it only takes a few minutes to style once you get out of the shower.  Less than the length of a commercial and my hair is dry.  Another commercial and the hair is styled.  Since it is Sunday, I skipped my usual layers of make up and opted for a simpler look.  Just a little foundation and powder, blush and some mascara.  Lip gloss gets the rest of the look done.  Less than 5 minutes.  Yay for me!

When it came time to get dressed, I stared longingly at my yoga pants, sitting so comfortably in my drawer, begging me to take them and and put them on.  I sighed and headed to my closet in search of my comfy jeans, the Paige Premium Denim Jimmy Jimmy Boyfriend jean.  

God bless Paige for making such a yummy jean.  It is comfy enough to wear to a five year old’s birthday party, yet still cute enough to wear to work and be on trend.  I love the dark wash of the jean because it shows less dirt and mess.  Since I am dirty and messy (and that is just me, not even thinking about the dirt my children spread all over me), I will take all the help I can get. Plus the denim is slouchy but not sloppy, great for mixing comfort and style, just like I wanted.

Now, since it is Sunday, I had thought to wear my Junk Food Packers T-shirt (best team EVER!).  However, the Vikings must have hid it on me, because it was no where to be found.  So in its place, I threw on the T Party Scoop Neck Garment Wash Sweatshirt.  My Stella & Dot charm necklace and a pair of silver hoops from Hot Mama and my Ballasox flats from DSW and I was set.  Cute but comfy.  What more could I ask for?

Sometimes the debate between comfort and style is a close one.  They can be at odds with each other, but they don’t have to be.   You can still rock your look at a five year old’s birthday and be comfy when you get home to watch the Packers (lose, unfortunately). 


Photo courtesy of Melissa at Studio Threesixty5

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