Monday, September 17, 2012

It’s here! It’s here! It’s FINALLY here!

You know what I am talking about.  We have been waiting for it since the 4th of July passed.  Signs of its approach came at us quickly:  the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, school supplies appearing at Target, rich colors began to appear in stores everywhere.  You guessed it!  Fall has finally arrived!!!

Anyone who has been near me starting around mid-August knows I have been (not) patiently waiting for cooler weather to arrive.  It is no secret.  I am a cold weather girl, absolutely hating to be hot.  Give me cold temperatures anytime.  I love layers, sweaters, jeans, boots, fires, hats….the list goes on and on. Itshere

So this morning, when the weatherman announced it would be cold for the rest of the week, I was overjoyed!  In my closet, my “back to school” wardrobe has been begging to get out.  Sure, I could mix some pieces in early but it was just not the same.  But now I am free to pull whatever delicious goodies I can find out of the closet to keep me warm and trendy.  My biggest problem is deciding what to where on what day!  There could be worse problems to face.

This particular morning, the decision was easy. I knew exactly what I wanted, the brand new Prairie Underground Mid-Victorian Hoodie sadly watching me from my closet, while Mother  Nature tormented me with her hot flashes for the past month.  Today, it was mine, all mine.  Paired with my Joe’s Jeans Jeggings (yup, another sad observer from the closet!), I was ready to conquer the world (or at least go to work feeling pretty cute).  I even got to play with one of my favorite trends this year, socks and boots.Socksnboots

Mind you, not everyone in my household is happy with the change in temperature.  Biggest complained about having to wear a jean jacket to school today, stating she was going to take it off when she got on the bus and refusing to wear it at recess.  I had a flashback to the days when I would wear my snow boots down to the bus stop and then take them off and stand in a snow bank, holding them, so I didn’t look “uncool” wearing boots to school.  Because it is sooooo much cooler to wear flimsy loafers (of course, with no socks) while standing in a snow bank and having wet shoes for most of the day.

Littlest was even more spirited than her sister.  She threw a fit about not being able to wear a skirt today, because we didn’t have any leggings or tights to put under it.  Finally, we compromised and she wore what would have been a cute red Hanna Anderson tunic and printed pants until she put a sea-foam green fluffy skirt, complete with a layer of tulle, over the top of it.  Of course, she convinced her dad to let her wear flip flops and just carried her sweatshirt.  Sometimes, you just have to pick your battles with a 3 year old.  However, I did find the time to pick up some tights and leggings this afternoon.

I don’t know where they learn this stuff……


Shown above:

Prairie Underground Mid Victorian Hoodie, Joe’s Jeans Jegging, Hue Socks, “vintage” GC Shoes (Boots) – all via Hot Mama

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