Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fancy Friday with Ashley Coconut!

OK, I am so excited about this I could piddle!  A few days ago, my friend and fellow stylist, Ashley Coconut (a nickname she earned randomly from my Littlest) agreed to do some guest blogging for me. I have known Ashley for years,  admittedly a large portion of my “vintage” Hot Mama wardrobe has been her work.   I love her style and her energy as it is completely contagious.  She has such a great, creative mind and a real knack for making moms look and feel hot, and I love turning to her for new ideas. So, without further adieu, here is the first, of hopefully many, posts from Ashley Coconut!

Happy Fancy Friday Everyone!! I'm Ashley Coconut, another Hot Mama member, and I met Heidi when she was a customer of mine in St.Paul. I loved working with Heidi, because she is a risk-taker and is open to try and experiment with any piece!  (**Heidi note:  I think she loves me because I will pretty much try on anything and parade around in it, good, bad or otherwise.)
But I am excited to share my FANCY FRIDAYS with all of you! About two years ago, I realized I was wearing leggings, ponchos, boots and a scarf everyday to work....boring and lazy. So I challenged myself and my team to figure out a way to spice up our casual look, for gods sake, we work in a retail store!! So I created FANCY FRIDAY, yes I have it typed in bold because it's a big deal in my no-kid-I-love-clothes-yes-I-have-a-lot-of-time-on-my-hands-world. If you hear me talk with Heidi or other fellow Hot Mama employees I discuss outfits like it's a major world issue or something, pretty intense.  (**Heidi note:  It is true.  She does get intense but it is freakin’ awesome.  Ashley is very inspiring).
But FANCY FRIDAY, is a day where I can get glammed up, put on a heel, rock blingy jewelry, wear a dress, or maybe wear some bold lipstick. My goal every Friday is to wear an outfit that would be acceptable on The Young and The Restless, have you ever seen any of them in sweatpants? Even at the Club?

I hope to inspire you with some ''dressier'' outfit options, and give your boots, ponchos and yoga pants a rest.


Nine West Shoe - DSW  (I will probably only be able to wear these for about 2 hours, then I will rock my sequined Toms)
Lilith Fringe Necklace – Stella & Dot
p.s. my favorite accessory: Dr.Pepper Lipsmackers!!!

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