Friday, September 14, 2012

They’re Real!

I am a mascara junkie.  It is the one thing I feel completes any look, casual or dressy.  I have been blessed with pretty long eyelashes.  People frequently ask me if I wear falsies.  Nope.  They’re real!  Well, sometimes I do wear falsies, but that is only for special occasions.  And no, I do not use Latisse, I grew this set myself  (however, I have given Latisse some thought as I would love thicker lashes like my sister has…).

Since applying a quick coat or two of mascara only takes a few minutes, I prefer not to leave the house without putting any on.  While I have long lashes, I also have naturally blonde lashes.  If I don’t wear mascara, my eyelashes are basically invisible.  I feel like it makes me look tired.  Ugh.  Look at the following picture.  That is kind of scary….

real1 Yikes.

One of the perks of having a cousin who manages the new Sephora in town is she continuously “encourages”  me to try new products (or she just tells me what I am buying).  So a month ago, when I needed a new mascara, I was gently “encouraged” to try They’re Real! Mascara by Benefit.  I have always been a junkie for my MAC False Lashes Mascara.  However, being to lazy to drive to my favorite MAC counter at Nordstrom’s, I thought I would give the Benefit mascara the benefit of the doubt (**giggles**). 

real6 Yowzer.

HELL-O!  I love this mascara (sorry MAC, I still love you too…).  My lashes look long(er) and thicker!  It is more of a “pop” when I apply it, with or without my other eye makeup.  In the past month, I have had more compliments on my lashes from random strangers than I have had in a year!  It took some getting used to because the brush feels spikier than my old MAC mascara brushes.  Also, there is a rounded tip to get extra lift and hit little lashes more easily.  I am still learning to use this strange little tip but I am having fun so far!

Are there any downsides?  Well, once or twice a day I find that the mascara has “melted” onto my brow bone, just below the start of my eyebrow.  No clue why.  I have not heard of this happening to others, when I tried to research it.  It is also only occurring in the one place on each eye.  I just have to remember to check that area occasionally to rub it off. 

The other downside is that it can be tough to remove.  I always use Almay Eye Makeup Remover Pads to take off my eye makeup.  However, I feel like it takes more effort, even with the great Almay pads on my side.  It usually takes a couple pads, a little extra Philosophy Purity face wash plus a couple Q-Tips to get it all off.

Overall, I will keep using this mascara (until “encouraged” to try something new…).  I think the WOW factor from it outweighs anything I find negative. Highly recommend for any moms looking for a quick and easy way to add some yowzer to their look, everyday or otherwise. 


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