Friday, October 19, 2012

Fancy Friday with Ashley Coconut: Just a Little Problem!


So this outfit needs to be in my closet and on my body! I need it! Not, want it, need it!

The problem is my husband (aka my personal financial advisor and this week my "dad") took away my card and other forms of money, like I was in high school or something. Apparently, my small $4 coffees, $9 lunches and “too many" $44 dollar purchases at Hot Mama put me and my card in the dog house. Bumsy.

So mission this week is to find a way to rescue my card and my wardrobe, so this outfit….. and possibly a new great pair of black booties….and a pair of boyfriend jeans will enter my outfit line up.  The great thing is that I can find it right at work!

Inspiration photo: (she rocks Fancy Friday, everyday! Love all her dresses, check her out)

How I will be building this look at Hot Mama:


Fame Leopard Jacket by KUT

fame leopard


Sequin Crew by RD Style (in Midnight)


Gold and Crystal Rhinestone Cluster by Blush and Blue

gold and crystal


Single Texture Stretch Bracelet by Number 7

single texture stretch


Chic Chain Bracelet by Harriet + Isles

chic chain bracelet

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  1. Mine Target card was requested and cut up. What is with these hubbies? I took his cc away just to be fair. Wouldn't want him to feel neglected.....