Thursday, October 11, 2012

Holy Crap. I Won Something?

Holy crap. I won an award. Well, kind of. My friend, Evil Joy, passed along an award for me to celebrate (kind of like a blogging chain letter). Let’s be honest, I am going to take it and run with it.  From now on, I will say I have an award winning blog.  YEAH, BABY!!!


Rules of the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

  • All recipients need to thank the giver
  • Post 7 things about yourself
  • Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers of their choice and let them know that they have been nominated.
  • Include the logo of the award in a post or on your blog



Evil Joy, I heart your face.  I am blessed to call you my (evil) friend.  You are an inspiration to me and I would probably not be blogging if it were not for bloggers like you.  Besides, when you get past your evil side, you are one of the most caring, loving and devoted person I know.



  1. I love random reality TV.  When other people are watching The Voice, The Bachelor, or Amazing Race, I am busy watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Jersey Shore, and America’s Best Dance Crew.  In all honestly, I very rarely watch the “big” channels like ABC, NBC or CBS. 
  2. I hate spiders and will kill any spider I can find in the house (provided I can’t find someone else to kill it for me first).  After the spider has been killed, I then “talk” to the rest of the spiders in the house about how the dead spider broke our “don’t see, live free” agreement.  I don’t care that they are in the house.  I just don’t want to know about it.  I love to live in this oblivion.
  3. I love all kinds of music but rarely pay attention to artist or genre.  I like to get around….musically.
  4. I love to read young adult novels, specifically supernatural or dystopian themed books.  I am a member of a book club which also loves this genre!
  5. When my husband is out of town, I don’t sleep in the middle of the bed.  I still stay on my side.  Usually a dog or two snuggles into that space for me. 
  6. I love to take baths.  I am a Lush/Blissful Bath junkie, and I need bubbles in my bath.  Bath bombs are a plus!
  7. I love to get my make up professionally done, especially for a girls night out or other special occasion.  Sure, I could do it myself but I love the pampering and new ideas.



  1. Evil Joy (sorry, had to throw it back!)
  2. Fictitious Delicious
  3. Me, My Shelf, and I
  4. The Cool Girl
  5. Hot Mess Mom
  6. Two Firey Fashionistas
  7. Poor Little It Girl


  1. Love it- we have a lot more in common than I knew about!!! I am sooooo borrowing the "no see, live free" thing with the spiders...I chase mine around with a vacuum and see how many I can catch!

    1. After walking 60 miles together, it is fun to learn more about each other. Imagine our NEXT 3 Day excursion!

  2. Where do you like to get your make-up done???

    1. Well, I like several places (not going to say I get around but....)

      1. The MAC counter at Nordstroms - LOVE those ladies!

      2. Teneille Johnston Makeup Artistry -Very talented lady I know who has her own business. You can find her on facebook through the Skinny Jeans page. :)

      3. Sephora at JCPenny's - Great crew over there (including my cousin and the great Teneille Johnston mentioned above).

  3. We just realized that you included us in your 7! Thank you so much! Now we can say we are award winning too! ;) (You can tell I am so happy by my flagrant exclamation point abuse, but I don't care...thank you lady!)

    1. Us winners have to stick together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

      I like to use exclamation points too!