Monday, October 15, 2012

Mommy Likes to Color Too.

Bingodobberlipstick My kids love art.  They could spend hours coloring, using every color they can get their hands on.  Often, we have to have discussions about where is appropriate to color.  For example, it is appropriate to color on paper.  It is not appropriate to color on the walls…or the furniture….or the dog….or your face.  Yes, that IS a photo of Littlest wearing “bingo dobber lipstick.”  Let’s just say, this happened on a morning where Dad was in charge.

It is clear where my kids got their love of art, from their mother.  When I was younger, I loved to color, paint, and even had my own books of original fashion designs (which are STILL in my possession).  I remember crying once because I spent an hour painting a picture of a cat, only to have my sister and her friend paint a purple sun at the top.  Boy, did that really make me mad.  I am still harboring some bitterness.

As a mom, my love to color has not diminished.  I like sitting down with my kids, a box of crayons (which for some reason are better than markers), and a coloring book.  It is fun to revert back to being a kid and scribble away on a piece of paper.  But it is more than that.  Mommy likes to color other things too.

Like all parents, I can be a hypocrite.  I spend a lot of time telling my kids to color on paper when I have a love of coloring on my own face.  Yes, I have a passionate love affair with my makeup drawer.  Thankfully, my husband is ok with it. 

Tonight, I counted 11 eyeliners, 40 eye shadows, 3 pigments, 4 blushes, 4 sets of false eyelashes, 29 lipsticks/glosses/liners, and 2 powders in my arsenal.  And the scary thing is, I like to use them all!   Sure, I get in ruts like everyone else, but I also love to get crazy with my colors.  Honestly, who doesn’t love to get on Pinterest and find 27 different ways to apply eyeliner?

skinnyjeans 009

Of course, my love of makeup is rivaled by my kids’ love of my makeup.  It started with them picking out my eye shadow colors in the morning.  Then, they were asking to wear lip gloss on special occasions.  It has now escalated further.   The other morning before work and school, I caught Littlest with my purple eyeliner pencil about an inch away from applying it to her eyeball or lash line (not sure which).  Of course, she started screaming when I took it away.  I can’t say I blame her.  It would probably tick me off too if someone interrupted my morning makeup routine (oh, wait…they already do…).

I have just had to get a little protective of my makeup drawer and let them live vicariously through me, while I explain they have a natural beauty which does not need covering.  So for the next few years, I think my makeup stash is safe.  Now if I can only figure out how to explain the tattooing will wait until they are eighteen.

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