Friday, October 5, 2012

Fancy Friday with Ashley Coconut: Finishing Touch!

As you know, last week, we lost a family member and so I took a week off from blogging.  Well, turns out that Ashley Coconut had a dental emergency and had to take the week off too!  But this week we are both back and ready for action.  So here is this week’s Fancy Friday with Ashley Coconut!!!

(Or Sassy Saturday, if you are not home reading the blog at 10:00 pm on a Friday night.)

Finishing Touch!

This week I had happy hour with this little lady pictured, Hot Mama full-time stylist Ashley Helm (SJYP note:  LOVE Ashley Helm.  She has amazing style and is a total sweetheart).  We discussed how accessories and shoes can make or break an outfit. Well, I am absolutely sure she got it right this time. I love the feminine accessories against the "edgy'' outfit!

Well done, Lady!


Hat: Wooden Ships (Hot Mama)

Necklaces: Harriet+Isles (Hot Mama)

Dress: James Perse (Hot Mama)

Cardigan: Ellison (Hot Mama)

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