Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How I Spent My Hot Mama Rewards (or Move Over Yoga Pants!)

Four times a year, I get very excited.  Very, very, very excited.   Four times a year, Hot Mama sends out rewards to its shoppers who have qualified.  This means I have the chance to earn between $10 and $50 to spend at Hot Mama.  This is money my husband can’t yell at me for spending.  He has asked repeatedly how $50 turns into $350.  Somehow he doesn’t understand because of the rewards I am actually saving him money by shopping more. Last rewards period, I only earned $10.  Seriously?  That stunk.  I told Hubby that would never happen again and warned him that fall shopping would look much different than summer did.   And boy, did it ever!

So when my $50 rewards card showed up at my house, I was overjoyed.  My wish list was still a mile long, even with all the things Hubby had let me buy this fall (****Disclaimer:  My husband does not LET me buy anything, but we mutually agree on a shopping budget to which he will not roll his eyes over or complain about.****).  I have had my eye on not one, not two, but three pairs of jeans, lots of jewelry, two pairs of sequined slippers, a sequined striped sweater (yes, I clearly love sparkle), miscellaneous layering pieces and a Hanky Panky undie update.  Who would have thought I would spend my rewards on something completely off of my list, maybe even my radar?  Not me! 

The day after I got my rewards, I was working at the store.  As always, we were just having a good time, trying on clothes.  I spotted something I had yet to try on, but felt I should give it a whirl, just for fun and to better understand what was so great about the item.  It was a pair of pajamas by PJ Salvage.  Holy snapper.  I could have worn those things all day (and almost snipped the tags off to do just that).  Add a pair of the sequined slippers` from BC Footwear and I was in heaven (and I was sold).  The top is a cute gray and pink leopard print. Rawr. The pants are a soft, gray velour with a little cuff at the bottom, great for a shortie like me.   These jammies are giving my yoga pants a run for their money.  I imagine spending many, many days and nights all snuggled up wearing them, maybe with a book and a glass of wine.



Of course, the two people who were almost excited as me were Biggest and Littlest.  As I pulled each item out of the bag, they oooh’d and aaaah’d over them.  Then Biggest looked at the jammies and slippers and in her adorably hopeful five year old voice asked, “Do they make these in my size?”  Ok.  Say it with me now.  Awwwwwwwwww.  Dang, she can be cute.  I had to promise to try and find her a similar pair (which a hard sole just like mom’s, so she can wear them outside too).  Maybe the Hot Mama buyers can help a sister out.

Thankfully, my new favorite jammies have been snuggle approved by both Biggest and Littlest (see below).  Now how do I break the news to my yoga pants?



  1. Love love love!!!! I can't wait until I have some dough so I can come shopping with you - need some fashion help! Love the black dress I bought last year - planning on taking it on Dr. Evil and I's 16th anniversary trip to FL!!!!

  2. How much rewards do you earn per $200?

    1. I believe it is 4% (in increments of $5) over $200 per calendar quarter. The minimum is $10 and the maximum is $50. Hope that helps!