Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It’s About That Time.

Facebook Sharp Studio threesixty5 Heidi Martin BA6A8649It is getting to be about that time again.  The seasons are changing.  Sure, it is over ninety degrees the past few days, but I choose to ignore that fact.  Fall is coming.  With it, change is coming.  As anyone who knows me (or who has ever looked at my personal Facebook profile pictures) can tell you, I love to change things up, especially my hair. 

For the past six months, I have had the same haircut.  That might be a record for me, with the exception of the bowl cut my mother forced upon me from birth until fifth grade (where I thought a permed mullet was a great idea.  Story for another blog post.).  Even my exceptionally talented stylist, Tracy, was getting antsy for a change.

I know changing hairstyles is scary to some, but I like to think of my hair as an accessory to my face and my outfit. As my styles change, so must my hair.  In the spring, I feel fun and light.  I like to make my hair the main statement piece of my ensemble.  In the fall, I don’t.

So tonight, I had a hair appointment with Tracy.  I have given some thought the past month to what I would like to do next.  Even while I sat in the chair, the conversation in my head was something like this:

pre pics1

pre pics2

pre pics3

Of course, I rarely listen to the voices in my head….actually, that’s not true.  I love the voices in my head.  We have great conversations.  So the next thing you know:


(SJ&YP note:  Anyone else hearing the jeopardy theme song right now?)



DRUMROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







The mohawk is gone!  The bleach blond is gone!  Enter, the fabulous strawberry blonde pixie.




And now fall can begin.

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