Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Weekly Drool: The Great Outdoors


Did that title make you think I wanted to be outside?  Fooled you!  As my whiter than porcelain skin (except for the occasional Xen-Tan experience) will prove, I am not one for just hanging around outside, especially in the heat.  Now, give me 20 degree weather in January?  Sure, let’s go skiing or sledding!  But, I digress.  For the rare occasions I enjoy sitting outside, it is usually on a patio, enjoying some adult beverages.  The current mild temperature we are experiencing here makes patio enjoyment all the better.  So for this week’s Weekly Drool, we will explore my favorite outdoor hangout…..the patio.

patio3First up? My favorite patio, which is conveniently located right in my back yard.  It is pretty sweet back there, especially when there are no mosquitos and the dog poo has been all picked up.  Our house backs up to a pond and a DNR wildlife preserve (although across said preserve is a small trucking company).  For 6 months out of the year, the foliage is green and blossoming, and it makes for a fabulous setting to relax with a glass (bottle) of wine and Hubby (or my Kindle).  Top it off with a fire in our fire table, and I am ready to snuggle in and have some quiet time. 

The best part?  I don’t need a babysitter.  I can just go outside and hang out without having to worry about who is watching the kids.  I can basically hear them through their window.  Sometimes, the kids even come hang outside with us!  Then patio time equals family time.  It is a two-fer! 

patio2Next favorite patio?  One that is not at my house, the local bar patio.  There are so many which can provide an amazing atmosphere for enjoying happy hour (and beyond….or before….whenever you get there).  I especially love finding those little out of the way places which you wouldn’t expect.  Tonight, I met up with a friend on the rooftop of a local small town bar.  We drank and dined while surrounded by wrought iron patio furniture, stone fire tables and the skyline of a small Midwestern town (mmmm…..Spotted Cow…..mooooooo).  What could be better?  I am blessed to live in an slightly rural area where these quirky little hideaways are in abundance (for my local peeps, Hudson, Wisconsin is full of them!).    Sure I have to drive a few minutes to most places, but the idea of being waited on is always appealing.   At my house, I have to do it myself and clean up afterwards.  For those who live in more metro areas, finding these random gems are even more surprising at times.  When you find them, you know!

So for the few remaining days of summer (and hopefully they are FEW). Yup, go on and grumble about my lack of love for hot summer days), but go find yourself a patio to hang out on while you do it.  You will be glad you did.


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