Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far.

Before Biggest and Littlest were born, I always wondered who they would take after.  Now that they are here, the answer is clear.  Those are my girls.  Sure, Biggest looks way more like Hubby than me and Littlest is my mini-me.  But when it comes to personality, attitude, and style?  Those kids are 100% their mother.

Good luck with that, Hubby.

I knew I was in trouble when Biggest was three years old.  I came downstairs to go to work and made the mistake of asking her how I looked.  She gave me the elevator eyes, cocked her little blonde head and said, “Huh uh.  Nope. Go upstairs and change.  But keep the boots, because I like those.”  I will be damned if I didn’t go back upstairs and change.  She did approve of the second outfit though.


Since then, Biggest has kept her opinions on style and asks to dress me almost every morning.  She is forever digging through my closet, picking out my jewelry and undies, making requests for me to build outfits around a particular pair of shoes or (almost always) sparkly top.  Some days, I take her suggestions, other days are a swing and a miss (at least in my opinion, never in hers).

Now Biggest has a partner in crime.  She has Littlest.  That small girl has entered the “I only wear dresses and skirts” phase of her life and refuses to leave it.  Yes, Biggest went through this (briefly), but I don’t foresee and end in sight for Littlest.  She is the ultimate girly girl, and will fight to wear style she wants.  


Honestly, I don’t argue with them anymore.  I save my fights for things like family or special events and pictures.  As long as they are dressing weather appropriate, I say go for it.  Why fight their sense of style?  Besides, they both have a healthy dose of stubbornness in them.  Hmmm….I wonder where they get that?!  Oh yeah.  From me.

Naturally, this means trouble when it comes to the most basic things like shopping or going in public.  They love tutus, lace, sparkly, makeup, whatever they can get their hands on.  Even the reading material they keep in their bathroom (something they learned from their father) reflects their tastes. 


They have especially found a sucker in Cuz.  Visiting her at Sephora is the best time ever for the kidlets.  Since Cuz doesn’t have little girls, she dotes on mine, so they are always walking out of the store with a bag full of perfume samples, sporting the sparkliest lipsticks and lip gloss they can find.

On Sunday we visited Cuz at work.  Since she hadn’t seen Biggest and Littlest for awhile, she must have been feeling especially lovey.  Next thing you know, this happened:


Yup.  That is my six year old getting all dolled up with eye shadow.  At least she picked a shimmery grey.  Littlest went for the brightest, sparkliest blue she could find.  We were able to talk them out of the mascara and eyeliner but they conned us into blush.  It was awesome walking out of the mall with them.  I felt like one of those moms on “Toddlers and Tiaras.”


I can’t wait until Hubby gets a turn to walk around with them like that.  Good thing they have already trained him to paint their nails….with special designs too.  Again, good luck to you, Hubby.


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