Saturday, August 17, 2013

Weekly Drool: Leather!

Anyone who has seen me knows I have a love of a look with a little bit of edge to it.  That is why I am so excited about one of the biggest trends for fall, leather.  Now, I am sure some of you might be thinking this is going to be some biker chic trend which can’t be easily worn by a mom.  God forbid a mom wear leather, right?  Wrong!  This is a great trend which can be worn for a night out, for a day at the office, or even running around with your kids! 

Check out Libby, one of my fabulous co-workers.  She wore this to work last week and it was so adorbs I had to snag a pic.  I love how she pairs the fitted (vegan) leather peplum top with a comfy flowy pant.  Adding the chevron underneath gives it a little extra pop.  Adorbs for a night out with the hubs or girlfriends.  Of course, she was perfectly comfortable running around at the store all day too.


Peplum top by Sanctuary

Chevron top by Tychee

Sabrina Pant by Supply and Demand

Yesterday, we were playing with a new dress we got in the store.  Leather is outside the box for Kacie, another Hot Mama stylist, we thought it would be fun to take some risks.  She was gracious enough to try on the dress and let us style her up.  Since Kacie is a future law student, we wanted to show how work friendly this piece would be.  Adding a knit cardigan and a belt really softened the look but still kept it polished.


Leather Dress by Jack

Santana Open Cardy by Wooden Ships

Around Town Adjustable Belt by Cole Graye

Antique Gold Pearl Necklace by Harriet Isles *(SJ&YP favorite)

Beige Tear Drop Statement Necklace by Mia Berkley

Now I am sure the idea of wearing leather for a night out is easy to accept.  Wearing it for a work, slightly easier to accept.  Wearing it with your kids?  How do you do that!  Simple.  It is all in the details.  Literally.  Just do this:


And add something like this:


And viola!  You have a comfy mom-friendly way to wear leather.  See?  Trendy, easy, and comfy.  What could be better? So there you have it.  A fun option for fall which can be worn almost anywhere. This is why I am drooling over leather.

Leggings by CAbi

Jeepster Pullover by Free People

Stripe Toosaloosa Hard Candy Cuff by Free People

Geometric Smoke Crystal Pendant by Harriet Isles


(SJ&YP Note: When I saw the leggings above (by CAbi), I immediately booked a CAbi party.  The fall line is adorbs!)

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