Friday, November 9, 2012

15 Random Mom Thoughts

After the previous post, 15 Random Style Thoughts, I felt I should balance it out with my mom side.  Here we go: 

  1. I don’t like to share drinks with my kids.  They always backwash.  I have seen the floaters.  It is gross.
  2. I sometimes let my kids use my expensive bubble bath and bath bombs.  Other times I borrow theirs. dinosaur
  3. I don’t really care what my kids wear as long as they are moderately clean and weather appropriate. This is why my kids are often seen wearing striped tights, a tutu, leopard print shoes, and a pajama top.  However, if there is an important event or family pictures, I reserve the right to dictate wardrobe.
  4. Sometimes I stand in the shower a few extra minutes, just to have some time to myself.  I don’t really do anything, mostly just stand there and enjoy the warmth and quiet.  You gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.
  5. I always let my kids lick the beaters. But I always leave a little extra in the bowl for me.  beaters
  6. Sometimes I think my husband is a better parent than I am.  He is more fun.  I always feel like I have to maintain order.
  7. I have put my kids to bed early just because they are driving me bananas.  True story.  Besides, they are always adorable when they are asleep.unconscious
  8. Sometimes when my kids do something nutty/weird/naughty, I secretly think “That’s MY baby!”.  Sure, I will say the offending child is her dad’s kid at that moment, but I know the truth in my head and am dang proud. insanity
  9. I often let my kids help me pick out my clothes.  For some reason, what color underwear I wear is crucial to them having a good day.  Sometimes Biggest is better at picking out accessories and shoes than I am. 
  10. Sometimes after my kids go to bed, I get out all their Barbies, baby dolls, and My Little Ponies.  I like to brush and style their hair so it isn’t a matted mess.  Occasionally, I will even go so far as to get them all dressed, so they aren’t naked.
  11. I love to secretly spy on my girls when they are playing.  They make up the best games and stories.  Or the weirdest.  I pray they never lose their amazing imaginations.imagination
  12. I don’t like to like to let my kids use my cell phone, computer, or Wii.  They have plenty of time to do things like that and will learn soon enough.  I hope this is one way I can help them keep their imaginations running wild.  Yes, I still use the TV as a fallback when I need a few minutes of peace.  Hey, I am far from perfect.
  13. I am scared for my kids to become teenagers.  I know what I was like as a teenager.  God, help me if they are anything like me (especially at the age of 14).  Except they will have cell phones, the internet, and social media to contend with.  Very scary.   
  14. No matter how many times I fail, I still try to reason with my kids.  They are three and five.  What am I thinking?  After reasoning fails, I sometimes resort to yelling.  Loudly.
  15. I love being a mom.  Yes, they make me nuts.  Yes, they are gross and dirty (oh, yeah.  I just said that).  Sure, sometimes they are cuter when they are asleep.  But I love those little stinkers to pieces.  Every day.



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