Tuesday, November 27, 2012

(Doing) Good Things

This time of year, it seems as though people are moved to give a little bit extra of themselves.  Maybe it is the spirit of the season or we are all trying to get on Santa’s “Nice” list after a year of being naughty.  So in the spirit of the season (or to solidify my space on the “Nice” list), here is a sprinkling of love for some of those who give extra for others, even year round.


Hot Mama

Of course, I have to start this list with a place very near and dear to me, my employer, Hot Mama!  While I could go on and on about some of the amazing things this retailer does, I will keep the list to our most current “do gooder” activities.  Currently, Hot Mama is in the midst of our campaign “Giving is Hot.”  What this campaign means is for every pair of jeans sold in during the month of November, Hot Mama will donate $10 to organizations that give microloans to moms in Africa, Asia, and South America. This is the second annual “Giving is Hot” campaign.  Having raised over $26,000 in 2011, our goal this year is to break the $50,000 mark!  Even cooler than the donating, is Hot Mama has shared the stories of  four women who were able to follow their dreams because of the Hot Mama funded micro-loan. 


This year, Hot Mama is also partnering with Clear Channel this year to host two wishes on KDWB’s popular Christmas Wish campaign. We will be donating a $350 gift card for two wishes. For nearly 20 years, Dave Ryan’s Christmas Wish on KDWB has provided clothing, food, gasoline, car repairs, appliances, and so much more to people in and around the Twin Cities area. Personally, I cry like a baby every time I listen to one.  This year,  Hot Mama is so excited to provide two moms facing hard times and struggle this holiday with a little shopping spree and excuse to treat herself.  The wishes were granted during the KDWB Wish-a-thon on November 27th.  Want to listen?  The wishes will be posted on the Dave Ryan’s Christmas Wish page all season!


Lastly, Hot Mama has partnered with Dress for Success for the past year, as well as made considerable donations to Hope Chest.  The total amount donated to local charities will hit the $1,000,000 mark in January.  Just a few more reasons I love my job…..


Sundar Imports…and Knoke’s…..and Hello the House

Want style and to do good things at the same time?  Shop Sundar Imports!  The pop-up boutique, located in Hudson, Wisconsin appears every few months.  The boutique specializes in fashion and more that is fair trade, fairly made and eco-conscious. Co-owners Stefani Gerczak and Becky Turnbull are also believers in giving back to the community that supports them. Because of this, Sundar Imports donates 5% of its profits during each Pop-Up event to a local charity.  During their September boutique, Sundar raised $766 for The Source, a non-profit organization that works with those in the community looking for jobs and other community resources.  sundar7

For the next Pop-Up event on November 30 to December 2, the girls at Sundar Imports are teaming up with their neighbors, Knoke's Chocolate and Hello the House, to support the Hudson & River Falls food shelves. Sundar Imports and Hello the House will  be donating 5% of their sales this weekend to be split between the food shelves, while Knoke’s will be donating $1.00 per non-perishable food item brought in to the store! 

If you don’t know Knoke’s, it is an amazing chocolate and candy shop.  You gain five pounds just looking but the taste of their creations is worth it.  Trust me on that one.  knokes

Hello the House is a brand new shop which specializes in offering beautiful and affordable furniture, artwork and accessories with a fun retro and vintage vibe.  Its founder, Chris, has done some amazing work for me.  Just don’t ask my husband about the stick screen in the living room.  I don’t care what he says, it is fabulous!

hello the house

I love fashion.  I love food.  I love a great looking home.  I love doing good.  What could be better than stopping by all three businesses?


La Rue Marche

What a cute shop in Hudson, Wisconsin.  La Rue Marche is an amazing combination of style and adorable/funky gifty items.  But lets take it one step further.  La Rue Marche likes to give back.  In September, LRM helped put on a fashion show to support an organization called Peace Begins with Me.  The organization describes themselves like this:  “Peace begins with me (a small BIG peace project) is a non-profit, humanitarian organization dedicated to inner peace – actually, education, inspiration, and collaboration in the area of inner peace – knowing that because we are all connected, inner peace is what can lead to global peace.”  The organization makes me think of the quote “One whisper added to a thousand others becomes into a roar of discontent.”  The idea that you can make an impact, even if it seems small on its own, but becomes great when added to others, is pretty cool. 

Less than a week later in October, La Rue Marche participated in Angels and Divas: Making a Difference with…Style.  This is an annual girls’ night out which includes a fashion show featuring the designs of local designers that will give you a sneak peak into the season's hottest trends while supporting the Angel Foundation, Through an innovative and integrated approach of financial assistance, education and support, Angel Foundation helps adults with cancer and their families so that they may live life well with stability, strength and resilience. 

Again.  I love fashion.  I love fun, gifty items.  I love supporting those that give back, like the class acts at La Rue Marche.  laruemarche


Now, this is just a sprinkling of love for a few places.  If you keep your eyes open, you will see good everywhere.  While you are seeing it, try to do some good yourself.


  1. Love this - thanks for sharing all of the info!!! I will spread the word!

    1. Thanks EJ!

      Keep sharing anywhere you find that does good things as well.