Friday, November 23, 2012

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I think I have been exceptionally good this year.  I am still gainfully employed, usually happily married, and my kids (and pets!) are all still alive (even the fish).  This should really put me on the nice list for 2012.  To help you out with your holiday preparations, I am being proactive in sending my Christmas list.  Here are the things I would like to ask for:

  1. Littlest to get out of her control freak phase.  While I love her spirit, it would be nice to see it channeled into areas other than arguing with me, Hubby, Biggest, teachers at school, the dogs…
  2. J-Crew Mini in Black Sequin.  Santa, you know I love me some daytime glam.  I would love to pair this with some opaque tights, funky necklace and a denim shirt (assuming I find one the fits my boobs someday).sequinedmini
  3. A denim shirt that fits my boobs.  That would be terrific. 
  4. A day at the spa that includes a manicure, pedicure, massage and facial.  I need some time to relax.  And pampering.  Plus I am too lazy to paint my own nails. 
  5. Jo Malone Vanilla & Anise Cologne.  This is my favorite perfume.  It  smells so feminine yet clean.  And I am all out.  jomaline
  6. James Perse Shawl Collar Terry Blazer.  This has got to be one of the snuggliest things I have ever put on, super soft and extremely flattering.  Plus it would look great with my denim shirt that fits my boobs and my sequined skirt from J Crew.  jamesperse
  7. Paige Premium Denim Verdugo Skinny. I admit, it is my own fault that I do not have these yet.  I should have bought them when I had the chance.  But you know I love a good skinny jean and this is one of my favorites.  They are super flattering, give my flat tushie a lift, and hug nicely at the hips.   Plus, I can wear them when I take the sequin skirt to the cleaners!  verdugo
  8. Biggest and Littlest to learn to sleep in past 6:30 am on weekends.  Even if it is only once a month.  That would be swell.  Seriously.  Hubby would appreciate it too.
  9. Sorel Conquest Carly Short Boot.  Can you imagine?  A boot that is functional and adorable?  Santa, these need to be in my closet.  PLUS, they have a tiny heel to add height to a vertically challenged person like myself.  And I can get out an play in the snow (should it ever fall) with Biggest and Littlest.  It is the gift that keeps on giving.sorelcarly
  10. A few more votes on Top Mommy Blogs.  See that button on the side of the blog?  Have your elves click on that for me, would ya?  I want to feel popular and loved. 
  11. Another year with Hubby, Biggest, Littlest, Cooper, Louis and Ruby (maybe even throw in Flounder and Flynn Ryder too).  They make me happy.

So I know this may be lengthy and expensive list, but do what you can.  If nothing else, a Hot Mama gift card is always appreciated too.  Thanks, Santa!


  1. What is the difference between these Paige skinnies and the Joe's skinnies you have worn in other posts? On the hunt for a new pair.....

    1. Ooooh, excellent question! Obviously, I am a sucker for the skinny jeans, so I might have more than one pair in my closet at any given time.

      The Joes Jeans Jeggings are a true jegging. They are super comfortable and stretchy. I always compare them to a yoga pant in the way they feel. It is possible to bend over with out your tushie showing and even do the splits (yup, I tried). One thing to note, the Joes Jegging does not relax at all. There is some minor "melting" to fit your body but no relaxation as seen other denim.

      The Paige Premium Denim Verdugo Skinny are more of a true denim skinny. The fabric looks and feels like classic denim (but still soft and comfy). These jeans will have some relaxation, so fit them on the snug side.

  2. *sigh* I have to remove the Sorels from the list because I already bought them. YAY for me!!!!!

    And thanks, Hubby!