Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Life as A Model?

A couple months ago, I was approached by Woodbury Magazine to do an interview as a representative for Hot Mama (thanks to Laurie at Woodbury Lakes for the recommendation!).  The article was about dressing stylish yet age appropriate. I was psyched!  This is something Hot Mama excels at and I was blessed to be a representative.  How cool is that?

In September, I sat down with the lovely Angela Johnson, the extremely talented author of the article.  We discussed how to dress age appropriately yet fashionably.  Of course, skinny jeans was included in the conversation (like I would leave that out).  I don’t want to give away too many details because the article is set to be published in the January issue of Woodbury Magazine.  This may be a spoiler, but the impression I got from Angela is that her article was pretty good (this coming from a self proclaimed non-fashionista). 

During the interview, Angela mentioned a few pictures may be needed for the article.  So you can imagine my excitement to be contacted for photos.  Of course, I was surprised to find out I was going to be IN the photos.  Even further surprised to find out I was going to be styling the author FOR the photos.  Yes, I know I do this all day long but my work is not usually published.  Except by me and that is only in the blog.  Does that count?

So this morning was a mad flurry of activity, trying to get myself dressed for the photo shoot, while finding coordinating options for Angela and following the recommendations of our fabulous buying team to proactively think about what colors and styles would be moving forward into the spring.  No pressure.  Nope.  None at all.  Agh.  Who am I kidding?  We all know I love it.  Besides, I had the terrific Hot Mama Woodbury team of Julie and Jill to back me up.  Spoiled much?

So once Angela (who is adorable and fun to dress) and I were all gussied up, we posed for our pictures with the fabulous Emily, our photographer.  I am lucky Angela is such a peach, since modeling was a foreign experience to me.  We were trying to look like we were having a natural conversation while standing extremely close to each other and not actually talking.  I may have been asked to stop laughing so much.  Personally, I blame Angela for telling me about her son’s laughing yoga class.  Hee hee hee and ho ho ho kept running through my head.  Well, that and the fact that she was so naturally able to hold authentic poses while I was worried about having a double chin.  I guess I am not cut out to be a natural model,  no matter what I have learned by watching America’s Next Top Model (yes, I WAS smiling with my eyes).  I think I will stick to styling, mom-ing and blogging.

Please be sure to check out the January issue of Woodbury Magazine for better photos of Angela and me in our modeling debut.  Plus, she wrote a terrific article to match!


On Angela:

Shirt:  James Perse Slub Contrast Panel

Tank:  Nikibiki Smooth Racer Back Tank in Coral Red

Skirt:  XCVI Sara Skirt

Leggings:  Nikibiki Legging in Charcoal

Scarf:  Sweet Pea Multicolored Zig Zag Scarf in Fuchsia

Necklace:  Linden Hills Stone Tear Drop Necklace in Honey Jade

Earrings: via Hot Mama

Boots: Angela’s own (via Marshall’s)


On Me:

Hoodie:  Prairie Underground Cloak Hoodie in Black

Shirt:  Splendid Thermal Cowl Neck in Raspberry

Jeans:  Joes Jeans Jegging

Necklace:  Mia Berkley Silk Strand Necklace w/ Black and Smoke

Earrings:  via Hot Mama

Boots:  Naughty Monkey

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