Monday, November 5, 2012

15 Random Style Thoughts

Every day, I get asked a lot of questions about style.  Since there are very few hard and fast answers, here are a few of the opinions I find myself sharing and believing in the most:

  1. Be overdressed instead of underdressed.  You are less likely to feel uncomfortable in any situation.  I would rather see someone in a ball gown at a football game instead of sweats at a black tie event.
  2. Shoes matter.  They should be clean and in good shape, no matter what style they are.  People will notice your shoes.  Always. goodshoes
  3. Everyone really can wear skinny jeans.  What matters is finding the right pair for your body type.  Try on lots and find the right pair.  It is worth it.  And try them on with boots.  Boots will keep you from feeling like an inverted triangle and add balance to your look. 
  4. Take five minutes to put on mascara and lip gloss.  You will look and feel more polished, even if you are only going to the grocery store.
  5. Find your style and embrace it. I don’t always believe in following the trends.  I dress how I think looks and feels good to me.  If that coincides with the current trends, great!  If not, oh well. faithful
  6. Try things on! Clothes will look different on you than they do on the hanger. Why do you think stores put clothes on mannequins? Because they look better on a body.
  7. Buy clothes in the correct size. You are not fooling anyone by dressing in baggy clothes.
  8. Make friends with a tailor. There is most likely not one article of clothing that was made for you specifically (although that would be pretty cool..). Have a tailor customize the clothes to fit you. Think sleeve length, hemlines, waistlines, etc. Little things make the biggest difference.
  9. Find a great hair stylist. I love my stylist. She gets me. Find someone who can do the same for you. It is worth it to get a great haircut and color. Much like shoes, people will notice your hair. Always. Before you ask, I see Tracy at Tangled Salon.
  10. Sometimes it is worth the extra money to buy a great pair of shoes, jeans, jacket, etc.  Often, the premium designers are using higher quality fabrics, put more attention to details, use consistent fit models.  In the end, you will have a product which will wear better and last longer. cocochanel
  11. Get a professional bra fitting and buy a good bra.  It will make you look slimmer.  Seriously.  And Victoria’s Secret is not my idea of a good place to get a bra fitting.  Go to a store where the employees are trained well on how to fit bras properly, like Nordstrom’s, Allure or Flirt.
  12. Love the body you have, don’t wait for the body you want.  Why are you waiting to buy clothes that fit?  Why not dress what you have?  You will look and feel better.  It is much more motivating than wearing ill-fitting clothing while you try to lose those last few pounds.  Somewhere out there is a woman who wishes she had your huge/tiny boobs or your big/small tushie or your long/skinny/muscular legs.  Enjoy all the beauty you were blessed with.
  13. Stop tanning.  Do you really want to look like an alligator handbag by the age of 30?  Or have skin cancer?  If you want a golden glow, get some self tanner or spray tan.  It is much safer.  But keep in mind, there is a fine line between looking tan and looking like you rolled in Doritos, so use a good self tanner.  Before you ask, I like Xen Tan
  14. Accessorize!  An outfit does not look complete without the finishing touches like jewelry, a scarf, a hat, the right shoes, whatever!  You don’t need to go crazy with them, unless that is your style.  But adding accessories turns clothes into a finished look.
  15. Fashion and beauty should be fun.  If it stresses you out, you are taking it too seriously.  Be playful with it!  Experiment.  Try out random ideas.  Some things may work, some things may not.  The world does not end if it doesn’t.  rachelzoe

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