Sunday, November 25, 2012

Remember When…… Motherhood Before Vs. After

As a mom, sometimes I find myself remembering the days when I was childless.  It is odd to think about how much has changed in the past 5 years but there are always changes that make me smile and giggle.

Remember when…..

  • Your soaking tub was your getaway?  Now it is just a collection area for small children’s bath toys, soaps, and wash cloths.
  • The only person you worried about breaking an ankle while wearing your stilettos was you?  Now with each and every step your daughter takes while dressed-up-as-mom makes you cringe (or worry for your child’s future occupation).   halleshoes
  • Date night meant dinner and a movie? Now it is eating without small children interrupting and a movie from the Netflix queue, just in case you fall asleep.
  • Your purse only held your wallet, cell phone, lipsticks, compact, and other assorted adult items? Now at any point in time, you will find Hello Kitty barrettes, candy wrappers, fruit snacks, My Little Pony brushes, and a Barbie shoe. Inmypurse
  • Your makeup brushes were always clean and nice?  Now they are used as “paint brushes” on every surface of your house.  Try not to think to hard about it or it will gross you out.
  • The best one liners came from your friends? Now you find the things that come out of your kid’s mouths the funniest quotes in universe and share them all on Facebook or Twitter so others can laugh as well.
  • Laundry was done once a week?  Our current laundry load is daily.  And only a small portion of it belongs to me and the hubs.  How do small children go through so much laundry in the space of a day?  laundrysdone
  • You could party all night?  Now I am just happy to make it to 11:00 pm. 
  • Sleeping in meant you got up at noon?  Now I am just happy to make it to 7:00 am (and that is usually with the help of Nick Jr and a five year old who knows how to turn on the TV).
  • Your worst problem was your girlfriends borrowing your clothes, jewelry, purses, or whatever without returning them?  These things are harder to get back from a three year old.  They cry louder.
  • Using the bathroom by yourself was normal?  Now it is like a vacation, especially if no one is pounding furiously on the other side until you are done.  peealone
  • The biggest drama in your life was caused by men or bitchy girlfriends?  Now it is caused by a five year old who wants dessert but refuses to eat their  veggies or a three year old who doesn’t want to wear pants in sub zero weather.
  • :Your happiness revolved solely around you?  Now it is also tied up in the happiness of others.


  1. Hey! Came across your blog on topmommyblogs...good stuff! I loved this post, I can totally relate. My husband is forever making fun of me because I'll look at the clock at 9pm and be like "oh it's getting late" lol... Anyways, wanted to let you know I'll be following!

    1. Thanks for the follow!

      I have to laugh. Last night I was driving home and thinking how tired I was, just looking forward to going to bed. As I drove through the small town I live in, I couldn't believe how many cars I saw out! I was busy wondering why on earth people were out so late, when I glanced at the clock. It was 9:30 pm. I am getting old.