Friday, November 16, 2012

It’s Baaaaaaaaaack! Fancy Friday with Ashley Coconut.

OK, after a brief hiatus, we return to your usual Friday programming:  Fancy Friday with Ashley Coconut.  I missed her.  Did you????


Fancy Friday with Ashley Coconut:  Tighten Up!

This fall my goal was to push myself outside my wardrobe box by wearing more dresses and skirts. The only problem with this is I have to wear TIGHTS!! I used to hate tights.  They are tight on my stomach, always falling down, and seem to get snagged after a half an hour of wearing. Too much work.

Well, after two months of making myself wear them to get my money's worth out of my new dresses and skirts, I have found that I LOVE TIGHTS!!!


This week I am totally stepping out of my box and getting these….


These suckers are bright (and tight) and I couldn't be more excited to pair them with this new dress I just got:


….and this new dress. ( I have yet to purchase this but it will be mine. Everyone needs a new Christmas dress, right?):


And to top off my killer purple tights, I think I may NEED a killer new necklace or three?:





PS: If any of you were wondering, I did get my credit card back, only to be taken away a week later when my girlfriend and I had a little too much fun at a pop-up antique store.  At least my house looks cuter, right?!

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