Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hello, Rosie!

Last week I watched a vlog from one of my new favorite bloggers, Kandee Johnson.  If you haven’t checked her out, I highly recommend it, both of her blogs are amazing.  She was rocking a new do, bleach blonde and short (sound familiar?), and was talking about her hair change and general acceptance of others personal style choices.  Sounds pretty cool, right?  Well, it absolutely was.  However, part of the way through it, I kept getting distracted by her hair and makeup!  Kandee was rocking a bandana in her hair with a adorbs cat eye and bold lips.  Um, yes please.  I just had to try it.

After a few attempts and a YouTube video later, I was able to master the bandana in my own hair. Even better, I mastered it for wear in public, not just around the house to cover up my frinkly morning just-liked-by-a-ninja-cow ‘do.  If you are wondering why this was such a victory, hair is one area I lack talent.  My poor kidlets are screwed if they ever want more than a basic braid, piggys, or a ponytail. Now, if they want to learn how to do a cat-eye or smokey eye?  That I can do.

So this morning while getting ready for work, I was feeling spicy and anxious to try out my new (borrowed) idea.  I was feeling like a bad ass Rosie the Riveter all day long.  Of course, no day is complete at work with out new clothes coming in for me to drool over and be inspired by.  You can imagine, today was no exception.  When a new striped jacket appeared at the store, I was absolutely in love.  I quickly shed my green Prairie Underground hoodie (for those who know me and my love of my Prairies, this is not something easy for me to do) and donned the new jacket, making the old outfit look kind of sad.  Sorry ‘bout it, Prairie.  I still love you though.  The fit of the ponte jacket was amaze-balls, giving my shapeless waist a shape!   Who would have thought it was possible?  Plus, I was loving the fun vintage feel to the outfit, the hair and the makeup.

Now if only Hubby would take me off the spending hiatus.  I think I have been good long enough!

(No, the store logo in the photo was not intentional.  It was purely accidental.)
Shoes:  Dolce Vita
Bandana:  I don’t know.  Possibly Fleet Farm?
T-Shirt:  Madonna concert (similar here)


  1. Love it! You know we <3 Kandee, but you are rocking that bandana girl!

  2. Hi Rosie!!

    We love your black and white Jacket and Jeans outfit. You chose the right shoes and the right red color Bandana. You are rocking those Hoop earrings. And best of all you look very comfortable. Thank you for sharing. :)

    1. Thanks! I was super comfortable, which I think is extremely important. I don't want to sacrifice comfort for style.

  3. Is this jacket still available at the St. Paul store? It's not on line yet and I'd like to buy it. Do you have all sizes left?

    1. It is and we do! Sometimes I get the jump on posting new product since I can snag it the day it comes in. Shopmama.com has to wait until a photoshoot to get it. Sneaky me!

      It does run a little bit generous though, don't be afraid to try a size down. :)