Thursday, April 18, 2013

I Played Dress Up at Sundar Imports.

katespade Ok, when it it comes to fun, I am like a five year old.  There is nothing I love more than a good game of dress up.  This is one of the reasons I love working where I do.  I get to dress up all day long.  Now, one of the perks of being a blogger is begging for favors.  Since a new Sundar Imports pop up shop was looming this weekend, I begged for an early admission.  Thankfully, the ladies were feeling generous towards a nut like me and let me in early for a sneak peek.  Score! 

Now, this time around, the girls at Sundar Imports have all the favorites from past shops.  They will be bringing back the frill pants and frill hoodie, which they are now famous for.  However, there is a whole slew of new products which I am massively excited about.  This time around, the girls at Sundar will be featuring lots of new lines like LaLa Red, Thread for Thought, and Andean Collection, some of which you may find at several other large retailers, such as Nordstrom, Antrhopologie and Garnet Hill.  Um…..hello, fabulousness!

Originally, my plan was to go to Sundar and have the girls model a few outfits for me, keeping myself off the camera. Naturally, once I got there (and the wine came out) plans changed.  I let the girls convince me to try the clothes on for the camera.  After a couple glasses of cabernet, it wasn’t hard to do, even with my lack of self tanner (it is coming soon!) or my favorite pair of leg lengthening wedges.  So here are a few of the newest jems from Sundar Imports for a sneak peek at this weekend’s pop up shop!


Outfit 1:  I loved this dress.  What the photo does not show is the color blocking on the back.  It was a toss up to show that or the cute pleating in the front.  The dress itself was uber comfy and I felt very put together in it.  All I was missing was a great pair of wedges to add to my look!

Dress by Greenola

Izzy Necklace by Andean Collection

Riven Bracelet by Andean Collection

Talin Bracelet by Andean Collection 



Outfit 2:  When I threw on the cute hi-low dress (which came in a maxi version too!), I was in love.  It was super comfy, which is always a win for me, but also very pulled together.  I loved the inner liner, keeping me from feeling exposed.  All I needed was a great denim jacket and nude flats to hit Target for running errands or drinks with my girls.  Well, that and it to not be snowing right now….

Shore By Dress by Thread for Thought

Floral Tote by Mar Ysol

Rosette Headband by Maddie Rae of Light

Convertible Scarf by Foat Design



Outfit 3:   OK, This photo might not even do justice to this dress.  It was amazing!  My scary places were well camouflaged, the dress hit a a great place on my leg (yay, no hemming!), and the shape really maximized my figure, curves and all.  I kinda felt hot.  Just a little bit…..

Tier Dress by Synergy

Acai Bead Necklace by Andean Collection

Stoney Bead Bracelet by Global Mamas

Agra Bangle by Mata

Recycled Paper Necklace by 31 Bits


So if you are in the local  Hudson, Wisconsin area this weekend, stop by 226 Locust street to check out all the goodies from Sundar Imports.  Trust me, you will be glad you did. 

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