Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mom Gets Sick.

It is bound to happen.  No one can escape it, not matter how hard you try.  Eventually, you are going to get sick.  Thankfully, it is rare for me.  Before kids I almost never got sick.  Even after we made the cutest little plague incubators in the world, I still rarely get sick.  Sounds great right?  Sure, except when I actually do get sick, I get sick.  Knock you on your ass sick.  World is about to end sick.

Of course, this past week has been no exception.  Last Friday at work, my throat started to hurt.  Naturally, I ignored it. At work on Saturday, I thought my head was going to fall off my shoulders and my throat killed.  After work on Saturday, I accepted the fact I felt like crap.  So I went straight to bed when I got home.  Hubby and kidlets understood.  By Easter morning, I felt marginally better.  If not, I would have some wine at Easter dinner and medicate my illness that way.  That always works right?  Monday, I still felt blah but it was Mommy-Biggest day.  We had things to do.  Again, by the end of Monday, I was getting back to feeling like crap.  So instead of going straight to bed, I wrote a new blog post (you’re welcome).  For the rest of the week, I pushed myself to get to work and back (speaking in what was described to me as a transvestite-smoking-a-pack-a-day-voice) and came home to crash.  By the end of the week, my sore throat/head cold/laryngitis had progressed to include a sinus infection.  Super.  Even now, more than a week later, I am still coughing and not 100% myself.  still-sick

On the bright side, I am surrounded by a great support system, lead by my Hubby. All week long, he has run the house, urged me to rest and relax, and taken charge of Biggest and Littlest.  He has brought me water, tucked me in, and even slept with Littlest when I coughed too much last night.  I don’t know how other moms do it if they don’t have a supportive husband.  Mine was a lifesaver.  The best part?  He will not hold it over my head when I am better or he wants something.  He just does it because he loves me.  Spoiled, much?  Yes, I think I am.

Sounds pretty perfect and easy, right?  Not at all.  All week I missed my kids and Hubby.  They were able to come in to give me quick smooches and snuggles, but mostly just gave me space (probably trying to avoid my germ-infested self).  Hubby and the kidlets got to hang out, play, giggle, have dinners together, while I slept, blew my nose and generally wallowed in my own misery. 

Today was no exception, being the first day without working to sleep it all off.  This afternoon, I forced myself out of bed to go play outside with the family.  I threw on a bandana, to cover the hair which was sticking up every which way, a sweatshirt and yoga pants and watched my girls ride bikes in the street.  We picked up dog poop (I should have went back to bed for that one) and the kidlets ran around like crazy.  I even rallied long enough to eat dinner with the fam.  Of course, immediately after dinner, I was ordered by Hubby to go back to bed.  He would probably not be happy to learn I am on the computer right now either.

This germ had better works its way out pretty damned quick.  Mom has a life to live.  And on that note, I am off to bed.  Again.




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