Monday, April 29, 2013

Thong Song.

This morning Littlest lifted up the back of my dress.  (It was super fun and empowering for me, by the way….)

Conversation following:

Littlest:  Mom, you aren’t wearing any underwear.  I can see your butt.

SJ&YP:  Mommy is wearing underpants.  See?  (Lifting up the side of my dress to show my undies)

Littlest:   Oh…..


Now, I could sense the confusion in her, as if I couldn’t see it on her face.  Littlest, who has seen me in my undies a thousand times, has never registered the fact that Mommy wears a thong.  Now, how do you explain what a thong is to a four year old?  In my head, this conversation ends with Littlest hiking her Hello Kitty undies up her butt crack and announcing to the entire daycare that she wears her undies like her mother.  Yup, super fun.  I can see it now.

There are some things you are just not prepared for with motherhood.  Most of them relate to sex or weird body things.  I never thought my selection of underpants would be included in this category.  Maybe I should have know.  The first time that my kidlets decided to humiliate me was in the frozen foods section of Trader Joes, when they lifted my  skirt up and flashed my rear to the entire aisle.  This should have been my warning that a wearing a thong with small children was  a bad idea.  Thankfully, that day the aisle was filled with women who were most likely moms, based on their “oh that sucks” responses.

So now what?  How do you explain a thong to a kid?  Why does Mommy like to wear such strange and seemingly uncomfortable undies (which in reality are not bad at all)?  I have no clue.  I don’t think I ever will.  Let me know if you have any suggestions on this one.  Seriously.

Now I have no idea how to add an appropriate picture to this post, I thought I might try something kind of inappropriate.  Since this song has always made me giggle, here you go.  Enjoy.  Again, let me know if you have any ideas how to handle this one.


I would add the link for “Top Mommy Blogs” but it just seems wrong….

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  1. I don't know what I'd say if that happened to me. Maybe tell them that cool moms wear thongs. And please stop lifting mommy's skirt in public. :p