Sunday, January 13, 2013


Like many kids, mine seem to find certain clothes obsessions.  With Littlest, it is dresses and skirts.  Trying to get that girl into a pair of jeans is next to impossible for me.  With Biggest, it is skinny jeans (which MUST say skinny jeans on them somewhere) and her Minnetonka Moccasin fringe boots.  Sometimes the two share obsessions (much like the stomach flu) and they both become fanatics over the same things, like footie pajamas. 

Often I wonder why they must be so obsessed with the same clothes, when they have a dressers stuffed full of cute clothes and jammies.  Then I realize that I am the same way!  It is like mother like daughter.  I have a closet full of great clothing but I seem to obsess over a few pieces.  So what am I currently obsessing over?  Here you go!

Prairie Underground.  Doesn’t matter what it is.  The more the merrier.  My newest is the Long Cloak Hoodie in Lipstick Red.  LOVING it with my Prairie Underground leggings.

 Prairie_Underground_Long_Cloak_Hoodie_Lipstick_fs prairieleggings

Sorel Boots.  Yes, I could stop wearing them. I just don’t want to.  Besides, it was fun to prove Hubby wrong that they weren’t just for looks but were actually functional purchase.  He still doesn’t understand why I create outfits around them…..


Free People.  Doesn’t matter what.  Just anything Free People.  Even if the style or look doesn’t love me back.

embroidedmaxi wethefree

PJ Salvage Pajamas.  First pair came from Hot Mama.  Second pair came from Santa for Christmas.  Next pair has to come to me soon, because two is not enough.  They are super soft and snuggly.  Plus, they are cute too!  I may have found my new go to lounge wear.  Yes, I promise to never wear them out in public, not matter how cute they are, even if they have wine bottles all over them.


Cat-eye liner.  Sometimes I am really good at applying it.  Other times, not so much.  Either way, it still is a smokin’ hot look.  Yes, even during the daytime.


So to Biggest and Littlest, I say go get crazy with your bad selves.  If you want to wear skinny jeans, footie jammies, and a dress, well then you do it (as long as it is weather appropriate and we don’t have a super important function to attend).  Mommy is OK with it.

footie jammies

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