Tuesday, January 8, 2013

So Here’s What I Got.

Since I did a post regarding what I wanted for Christmas, I thought it only fitting to share some of the things I actually got for Christmas (better late than never).  Hubby thanked me for helping with a couple suggestions.  Not the intention of writing the post but I will not complain about benefitting from it!   So here are a few goodies I got for Christmas:

From Biggest:  My perfume, Jo Malone Vanilla and Anise cologne!  Finally, I can go out with my scent on again. It has been making me crazy to not have it and I have been forced to wear every single perfume sample in my medicine cabinet.  Let me tell you, the options I have worn have been very interesting.  However, I must give props to my stellar cousin who bought me Taylor Swift' Wonderstruck perfume for my birthday in December.  Don’t judge, I actually like it and she was so embarrassed to by it, even as a gift.  wearperfume

From Littlest:  My new pajamas (not on the list but I dog-eared the Nordstrom catalog when it arrived).  I am absolutely in love with PJ Salvage pajamas and have been wanting more and more and more.  Hubby even “helped” Littlest pick out just the right pair of jammies for Mommy, finally choosing the pink ones with white hearts. These are the most snuggly pajamas and, better yet, they even fit my boobs!  Now I am becoming an addict.  pjsalvage

From Hubby:  A generous spa gift certificate to a’la Mode Salon Spas.   Finally, I can go out and get a facial.  Or a pedicure.  Or a manicure.  Or a nice long massage.  Or two.  Now my next challenge will be actually taking the time to make some appointments…..

From Santa:  Holy crap.  Santa done good.  Yup, that was bad grammar (so was that).  First, I got an Amazon gift card.  Me thinks Santa is tired of me downloading books on the Kindle at will…. 

The second was more unexpected (mostly).  Here is the story.  In November, my friend Chris opened her own store, Hello the House.  While at her opening event, I spied with my little eyes a piece of art I loved from made by amy. It was a great combination of vintage and art, with a focus on beauty, right up my alley!   I snapped a photo with my cell phone and sent it to the Hubby, joking about a great gift idea.  A few weeks later, he went back and bought it (for Santa, of course)!  It is never as easy as it should be, though.  The next day, I was cleaning out my car, after Hubby had driven it, and found several pieces of paper on the seat.   Not wanting to throw away anything important, I check them all out first before I threw anything away.    OOPS!  The receipt for the print was on the seat.  However, Santa still managed to surprise me.  I opened my birthday gifts and Christmas gifts before Santa gave me the art I loved.  It is now hanging in my bathroom, above the tub where I can enjoy while I am getting ready or relaxing in the tub. 


Thank you to my family and Santa for the wonderful gifts.  And while I love them, I love you more.

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