Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Every year, people make resolutions to start out their year.  Normally, I skip this.  I figure if I am going to ignore them, why make them?  This year, I wanted to try something different.  I thought I would make some resolutions but keep them realistic.

  1. Drink more wine.  Hey, it is heart healthy to have a glass of red a day, isn’t it?  Besides, if I resolve to drink less, I will clearly fail.  drinkmorewine
  2. Keep making my best attempts to eat foods my friend Suzi would approve of.  They actually are pretty tasty and keep me healthy.  Of course, I reserve the right to eat crap once in a while.
  3. Join the gym.  Notice, I said join.  I never said anything about attending.  drinkevenmorewine
  4. Have date night once a month with the Hubby.  We are a little too lazy about it and should probably be better.  And by date night, I actually mean leaving our house to do something, not just agreeing on the same movie from Netflix.
  5. Help stimulate the economy.  Through shopping of course….  stimulateeconomy
  6. Have more mommy-daughter dates with Biggest and Littlest.  They are just plain fun for everyone.
  7. Crack the top 50 for Top Mommy Blogs and become #1 in my category.  OK, this is more of a resolution for my readers.  I can only vote for myself so much….but you all feel free to click on that icon located on the upper right of the page or the one below.  Once a day, if you please.  topmommyblogs


Hmmm.  I think that is enough for one year.  They are mostly realistic, I think.  Except maybe the food one.  That may or may not fall by the wayside….

Eh.  Whatever.

Happy 2013! 

Make it memorable.

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