Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Say Yes to A Dress!

While the weather here in the upper Midwest is frightful, I find dreaming of spring and summer trends delightful.  I am sure many of you are going on warm weather vacations this time of year and are on the hunt for some amazing finds to take with.  So today, I am turning to Littlest for some style inspiration.  If there is one piece of clothing Littlest loves to rock, it is a dress. Day or night, rain or shine, that girl will throw on a dress for any and every occasion (unless mean old mom makes her wear something more weather or event appropriate).  I often find myself channeling my inner Littlest when getting dressed and throwing one on myself!  So with Littlest in mind, here are some of my favorite (and versatile) dresses for spring:


Mosaic Tube Maxi Dress by Susana Monaco

susanna1 OMG.  I love Susana Monaco.  She is an amazing designer.  The fabrics she chooses feel amazing and are so flattering.  Susana takes the time to design dresses which accent the best that the female form has to offer.  This maxi dress is no exception.  I have seen it on a variety of body shapes and it has rocked them all (including mine, wow!).  Plus, I love the black and white print, completely on trend for spring.  I would love the chance to dress it up with a statement necklace and great heels but can imagine flip flops, simple jewelry and a hat to make it more casual.


Cross Gather Tank Dress by Susana Monaco


Another win from Susana Monaco!  When this dress came into the store, I had to try it on  Holy snapper!  I felt like a goddess in it, thanks to the response of my fabulous co-workers who declared Hubby should be upset if I DON’T buy the dress.  This dress fits snug, hugging every curve in your body while smoothing and slimming at the same time.  Yes, it feels like putting a rubber band on at first, but it is well worth the effort.  This dress may have to make an appearance at several events I have in the future like the NKOTB concert or my trip to San Diego for Comic Con in July.  (Yes, I just referenced NKOTB and Comic Con in the same sentence, I am well aware I am a huge nerd.)


ChaCha Dress by Charlotte Tarantola


Sure, it is called the ChaCha dress, but I have dubbed it “The Hotness Dress” at work, because it shows the hotness in every woman who puts it on.  It is a rarity to find another dress which can fit and flatter so many different body types, but this dress does just that.  The ChaCha dress comes in a variety of colors from cherry red (above) to black to leopard print.  Rawr.

Since I bought this dress in navy  almost two years ago, it is one of my favorite pieces in my closet.  I have worn this dress to weddings, out for drinks with friends and running errands around town.  Like with anything else, it is all about how you style it.  Plus, it is comfy and low-maintenance, wash, dry and go.  Wrinkles schminkles.  It doesn’t matter.  The designer, Charlotte Tarantola, only designs items which make her smile.  You can’t beat that philosophy when it comes to fashion.  Her line always makes me smile too.

And finally…..

Since I love the idea of dressing things up or down, I would be remiss if I did not show you one of my favorite things to pair with a great spring or summer dress….the jean jacket. 

Robin Denim Jacket by AG


This jacket is steadily rising to the top of my must have list for spring.  It is so darn soft and stretchy.  It molds to your body, like a great pair of jeans does (but I would expect no less from a brand like AG).  It is important to recognize how necessary a jean jacket is as a finishing piece for almost any outfit.  As someone who has tried to make due with a less than stellar quality and fitting denim jacket, believe me when I say it is worth making the investment to buy a great denim jacket, not just any denim jacket.  It is a garment which you will wear year after year.  Just don’t ask Littlest her opinion on this one.  She is still into sporting her sister’s worn out Old Navy hoodies over almost everything.  The force is strong with that one but she still has a lot to learn from her mom.


Now, I know a lot of moms seem to think it is hard to wear a dress when you are a mom with kids. Sure, sometimes it is. But sometimes you need to go out wearing something that shows you are still you.  Being a mom doesn’t mean you can’t show your legs or curves.  It doesn’t mean you can’t still feel good about yourself or (God forbid) feel sexy in your own skin and clothes.  So just do it.  Say YES to a dress!


  1. Just this morning I was daydreaming about spring and maxi dresses (it's freezing in Denver today). Unfortunately, no warm, dreamy vacations for me this winter...but your post definitely warmed up my day!

    - Jessica

    1. Thanks, Jessica!

      I don't get to go on a warm vacation this year either, but I am living vicariously through others. :)

  2. I'm loving the maxi and that denim jacket! I need to splurge on a good pair of green skinnies(can that be a thing? For skinny jeans to be skinnies?) for the fall too..