Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wax On, Wax Off.

Like any self respecting lady, I am a firm believer in personal grooming.  Now, don’t act coy.  We all know what I am talking about, maintenance of the lady bits and other areas (sorry, “lady bits” is the term we use with the kids and it has stuck with me).  42-21284817

Now I have explored most options for maintenance.  Shaving just creates itchy red bumps and it grows back too fast.  Depilatories just don’t work, plus they smell like an old lady’s perm.  I have tried laser hair removal, but alas, for a Nordic gal like me.  Fair hair (when it isn’t colored) and fair skin do not a great laser candidate make.  However, I have dark haired, fair skinned friends who had successful experiences with it.  So with my other options depleted, except go native which is never an option in my opinion, I have turned to waxing and have been waxing for almost 15 years now.  I have even hosted parties at my house, affectionately dubbed “The Martin House of Pain.”  In my opinion, it is minimal pain (no matter what you saw in 40 Year Old Virgin) for maximum, lasting results.

So that brings us to today.  I was in need of some grooming due to an upcoming date with a hot tub this weekend.  So to my delight, I spied a Facebook status from a new local business, Waxing the City, stating 50% off first visits and walk-ins welcome.  Hmmm….don’t mind if I do!  

After work, I was driving home and gave Waxing the City a jingle.  They assured me they had time to get me in for a trip to Brazil (if you catch my drift) if I could get there quickly.  When I arrived, Lisa, my cerologist, quickly ushered me back to a room to commence my waxation.  The rooms were simple and extremely clean.  She stepped out to give me privacy to prepare.  waxingthecity

Since this was not my first wax, so I like to think of myself as a seasoned waxee.  I still found myself surprised by Lisa’s technique.  She waxed smaller areas and had extreme attention to detail.  Lisa took time to tweeze when needed and double checked her work.  The whole time she was waxing me, we kept up a steady stream of chatter ranging from mutual friends we discovered we had, to my work, to her technique itself, and the concept of Waxing the City.  It was a very comfortable and relaxed environment, like chilling with a friend instead of having body hair yanked out of my lady bits with hot wax (OK, yes, it still felt like the body hair was being yanked out but it didn’t hurt much at all thanks to her technique).  And even better, I am now extremely well groomed!

Not only was I impressed by Lisa’s personal style, I found myself growing more and more impressed by the company.  They are devoted to providing high quality services at affordable prices.  Lisa was adamant about customer service being a high priority to her and to the organization.  This is one reason that they do not allow tipping.  It was odd not giving Lisa the gratuity she absolutely deserved, but I respect their values behind it.

My overall recommendations are as follows: 

  1. Seriously consider waxing as a source of personal grooming.  It doesn’t hurt as much as you would think and it is worth it. 
  2. Seriously consider finding a good waxer like those at Waxing the City.  Cleanliness, service, and technique are things that cannot be beat!

Lisa, you WILL be seeing me again.  No pun intended.


  1. I too got waxed today! I think it is totally worth it. Good razors are like $20 bucks for just the refill blades and waxing lasts like 3 times as long. I got to the Refinery in Mpls by the U of M and it is $25 for a brazillion . Sooo worth it!

  2. I have heard good things about the Refinery!

  3. Thanks for the heads-up on Waxing the City! I'll definitely check them out!! I've been to the European Wax Center in Roseville before but I did NOT feel comfortable there AT ALL!!! They don't leave the room when you undress, they don't provide any sort of 'cover' you're just there for the whole world to see (if ya know what I mean!?)
    My favorite place so far is the La Grande Salon and Spa in Forest Lake- I love the atmosphere there! I don't care how good of a job they do, I have to feel comfortable!!!

  4. Yeah to my friend lisa!!!!!!
    So proud of her and glad your experience went well
    Jill T

  5. I have gone to European Wax Center in Lakewood CO, figuring all waxing places were the same since I had a great experience at Waxing the city, Boulder CO. European was the worst - they rushed, ripped out way too much at one time. I left bruised and bleeding. I will always return to Waxing the city - they make you so comfortable and their procedure is much easier on the body (and that is a tender area).