Thursday, January 24, 2013

Raising a Fashionista

Almost two years ago, I came down stairs one morning, dressed and ready to go to work at Hot Mama.  Biggest was sitting at the kitchen table, enjoying breakfast.  I asked her a simple question, “How does mommy look today?”  She cocked her little head, looked me up and down and in her sassy little 3 year old voice, “Huh uh.  No.  Go upstairs and change.  But keep the boots, because I like those.”  I just knew in that moment I was either screwed or blessed.  And then I went upstairs and changed everything except my boots.  raisingafashionista

Two years later, nothing has changed.  She is opinionated as ever regarding my attire, Hubby’s attire, and especially her own attire.  We often hear comments such as “Dad, is that what you are wearing to work today?”  or “Mom, when you wear your work clothes, you look awesome.  Today, you look like junk.”  Yes, these things actually come out of her mouth.   

Biggest is a girl who is obsessed with headbands and her footie pajamas.  She will only wear skinny jeans, which absolutely must say skinny jeans on them, and she loves the color purple.  Biggest helps me pick my jewelry, shoes, even my underwear daily.  She loves to style people.

Now, maybe this is my fault.  Kids learn by example, as a parent I know this.  So maybe she learned to make strong decisions because she was watching me and Hubby (who lets me style him constantly, within what he views as reason).  Or maybe I have let her wear my lip gloss too many times.  Maybe I shouldn’t have bought her a purse or new earrings for Christmas.  Or maybe I should not be indulging in her fashion whims as much as I do. 

But then I think to myself, no that is wrong.  Biggest simply is a girl who knows her own mind, knows what she likes.  Why would I squash her independence?  What is so wrong with her making her own choices?  Sure she has some strong opinions about the style of others, but why can’t she have opinions about her own style?  While we need to work on her oral filter, you can help but admire her passion for fashion.

So as always, you get down with your stylish self, Biggest!  Mom loves it now and always. And when I am old, gray and no longer styling myself, I will lean on you to take care of it for me.


On me:

True Grit Thermal Raglan via Hot Mama

Earrings via Hot Mama

On Biggest:

Dress via Gap

Family Photo via  Dietrich Gesk Photography


  1. Love this post and love your make-up; so fresh and pretty!!

  2. haha, I cant believe your daughter would say some of that stuff. shes too cute. I know I learned to be fashionista from my momma too. :)

    1. Oh, she is a spunky one, that Biggest. It is one of the many things I love about her.