Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Spring (Denim) Fever!

I love cold weather.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that hot is not my favorite temperature outside.  But since I work in retail, I am usually several months ahead of where I should be, seasonal dressing-wise.  Yes, I know it is mid-January, but I am craving some new denim.  Having been lucky enough to have had a sneak peak at the spring Joe’s Jeans, the wait for them to arrive is starting to drive me crazy.  It has happened already.  I have spring (denim) fever!
But now the wait is coming to an end!  The first of the spring goodies has begun to show up at Hot Mama.  Thank God!  The wait has been worth it.  So here are some of my current favorites for spring from Joes Jeans, AG, and Paige Premium Denim!
Joes Jeans
You know I love my Joes Jeans.  So, this is not technically new, but I am loving the Joes Skinny in their vintage wash (Gerri).  We had these in the store towards the end of last year and they absolutely flew out the door.  We have been waiting, waiting, waiting for a replenishment.  Distressing and sandblasting are going to be amazing for spring and I can’t (and won’t) wait to start wearing them.  Picture rolling these up and wearing them as a crop!
Now normally, I don’t talk a lot about AG.  This is a denim line that does not normally work for my body type (short and keg-like with a flat tushie), so I sometimes don’t give it the credit the denim deserves.  But I must recognize, while it doesn’t work for me, it is ah-mazing for others, so I have to give it a couple of shout outs for spring.
First, I am adoring the Legging Ankle (color 18YDES).  This jean is so amazingly soft and stretchy it feels like denim yoga pants (as we all know, this is a concept I love).  I am huge fan of the heavier distressing, because it is adorable for a night out when added to a dressy top, your favorite Stella & Dot statement necklace (YUM!) and heels.  Or pair it with one of my favorite Prairie Underground hoodies  or a Junk Food T-shirt for a more casual look.  Yowzer!
Second, the Sateen Stilt in a gorgeous emerald green color (SRK) has got to be on my list of must-try-on-jeans.  Who doesn’t want to rock jeans in the Pantone color of the year?  Even better is the soft, velvety feel of this jean.  If Land O’Lakes made denim, instead of dairy products, they would make a jean like this, because they feel like butter.  You can’t help but wiggle around in these jeans, enjoying the luxurious feel.  Yum, yum, yum.
Paige Premium Denim
For those of you who remember, I love Paige.  Their Verdugo Skinny was on my “Dear Santa” list.  But now it is spring, and the Jimmy Jimmy Boyfriend is back again (not that I don’t wear it year round…).  This year, it is back in an amazingly lighter wash (Tigerlilly) which is perfect for the casual look I am looking forward to this spring.  One of my favorite things about this jean is it is slouchy without being sloppy.  Plus it fits a ton of different body types! Sometimes, I will roll mine a little extra and wear them as a crop in the summer.  I recently wore out my first pair  (OK, I fell on some ice and ripped the seat, but it was pretty funny at the time).  Looks like my next pair is just waiting for me at the store right now!

So what are we taking away from this?  Here are the trends as summarized by my girl, Ashley Coconut.  First, lighter washes with distressing and/or sandblasting.  Those who want a cleaner look do not have to go for distressing.  Those who love the distressing, we can all get crazy!  Second, show some ankle.  All the jeans shown above are already cropped, shown rolled, or can be rolled. 
The best part?  The styles shown above are just the tip of the iceberg for what is coming.  I don’t know about you, but I am psyched for spring.  Well….at the least for spring denim.

For Adrianne.  Great minds think alike.  :)

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